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CITY Reads - April 21st Edition

We’re officially back with another CITY Reads after a brief hiatus. What a wild ride it’s been since the last one - we’ve seen St. Louis suffer our first and second losses at the capable hands of both Minnesota and Seattle, two bona fide power teams in the West. It seemed St. Louis was finally crashing back down to earth after a historic start. And then…the Ravioli Boys (sorry, I can’t bring myself to ending that word with a ‘z’ yet) casually put five goals past Cincinnati, then-East leaders who had prior conceded four on the season.

Folks, it’s a wild, fun ride. As we head to the Mile High City, let’s see what’s been brewing.

Our History

I came across a fascinating piece about the Ben Millers - one of the first St. Louis teams to gain national acclaim. This is the story of one of the first U.S. Open Cup victory by a St. Louis team - or National Challenge Cup as it was called nearly one hundred years ago, when even rules such as game duration were still somewhat questioned.

Transfer Madness

For those of you new to the sport, welcome to the wild, wild world of transfers. Soccer roster building operates unlike any American sport, which affords unique opportunities. Take a look at an English Premier League and international superstar as he considers where to spend the early twilight days of his career. I’m not holding my breath, but Roberto Firmino would be a fantastic addition to our system.

Pure Gold

This is a seriously cool opportunity that never would’ve existed without CITYPARK. The CONCACAF Gold Cup is coming to St. Louis. Get to these matches if you can, because there’s nothing quite like CONCACAF play. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to kill the referee, and hopefully you’ll see a USA victory.

Quick Hits

I don’t have kids, but if I did they’d be signed up for these free Soccer 101 sessions.

Joao Klauss is made of different stuff.

St. Louis fandom is different. Great job to all of you who stuck out the lightning.

The Missouri History Museum currently features Soccer City, an exhibition featuring all things St. Louis soccer. And of course, its history cannot be written without the Bosnian community.

Want to talk St. Louis City SC and all things soccer? Come find @StLFooty on Twitter!

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