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CITY Reads - May 12th Edition

St. Louis City SC has come back down to earth. Sine a perfect 5-game start, St. Louis has experienced its first loss, draw, cup win, postponement, and cup loss. It’s been a whirlwind, and we’ve seen some depth challenges as the season has progressed. Hopefully the central core of the team can come back healthy this weekend in Chicago to get the season back on track.

Let’s recap what’s been happening this week.

Open Cup Woes

St. Louis City SC bowed out of the US Open Cup on Tuesday at Chicago. Significant rotation gave experience to some and rest to others, and overall we can hopefully look back on this 2-1 loss as a critical opportunity for players like Pidro, Jensen and Lundt to get first team minutes.

New(er) Kids on the Block

St. Louis won’t be the newest team for too long. Multiple reports this week confirmed MLS is eyeing this month for the announcement of its next city to join the fold. San Diego is the most likely, but there are still plenty of cities with the potential to join MLS. Las Vegas is every league’s darling at the moment, Indianapolis is breaking ground any day on a 20,000-seat stadium, and Detroit has a vibrant soccer community, just to name a few. And that’s nowhere near an exhaustive list.

Academy Results

CITY2 is struggling to recapture the heights it achieved last season - with only one win so far and a handful of penalty points, they’re currently languishing near the bottom of the table. However, a few easier matchups after facing academy juggernauts should help the academy right the ship.

History, Continued

St. Louis and Chicago are permanently locked together in sports history, and this week’s Open Cup and MLS showdowns are continuations. Not just of sports in general, but specifically in soccer. US Soccer takes us through how both cities have clashed and elevated the game through the lens of the 110-year-old competition.

Quick Hits

  1. City owner Carolyn Kindle will join the St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame this fall.

  2. St. Louis is hitting back at Kansas City in advance of the May 20 matchup.

  3. The CITY Voice is a solid podcast put out by the club that’s gained momentum this season.

  4. The remaining 40 minutes against Dallas will take place on June 7.

Want to talk St. Louis City SC and all things soccer? Come find @StLFooty on Twitter!

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