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A Look Inside The Soccer Capitol Cave

Hello! Welcome to The Soccer Capitol Cave. I am your Resident Cave-Dwelling Hooligan Shjon. From my studio cave I record my part of the Soccer Capitol Podcast. Long story short about the cave, its a bit of an inside joke mixed with a well kept secret.

The Cave is where I attempt to bring you, listeners and now readers, as much news about the brand new STL City SC, City for short, and our pristine new stadium CITY PARK (affectionately known by my cohosts and I as "The Pit"). Here I do my research among my screens and scarves. From City to the USMNT to MLS Rules updates and then plenty of goofing around in between, I intend to bring the news to you.

What brought me to the Cave? A life long love of sport. As a life long student of the game, I grew up playing as many many children from America's First Soccer Capitol have for generations, then transitioned to being a fan when the playing days were done. First as a fan of the English Premier League, then MLS as I moved to a city that had a team for college. But now that my hometown has a team, my primary allegiance has changed. After watching this club grow from just an idea, to an academy, to an MLS Next Pro side, and now into a Full MLS club, City is ready. And I am here to help bring that to you.

If you like what you read here (more writings to come soon) and would like to put a voice to the words, you can find the show at @SoccerCapitol. Remember that's Capitol with an "O".

Thanks for reading, Bye for Now!

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