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Week 8 and 9 Referee Review : Byeeee "You can't do that"

Hey Everyone!! Sorry for the delay with some family stuff at home it was a little difficult to post weekly. I am back and ready to go again! Lets get right into it.

The match: DC United vs Inter Miami 6/19/21

The referee: Fotis Bazakos

The Play: In the 84th minute DC United player J. Mora wins the ball with Inter Miami player Ryan Shawcross comes in a little late and gets a piece of Mora but after he passes by him Shawcross grabs Moro on the shoulder and brings him to the ground with force. Referee Bazakos issues a red card for violent conduct.

My thoughts: I don't think this particular play rises to the level of violent conduct. Violent conduct involves excessive force if you look at LAW 12: fouls and misconduct. Shawcross comes in late, misses the ball, puts the defender down. I don't see anything overly brutal about the foul. Issue the yellow card and get the match moving.

The match: LA Galaxy vs Seattle Sounders 6/19/21

The referee: Drew Fischer

The play: In the 20th minute Chicharito is inside the Seattle box facing the Sounders goal with possession of the ball. Seattle defender Joao Paulo comes in behind Chicharito and makes contact. Chicharito feels the contact and goes to the turf and a penalty was awarded.

My thoughts: Listening to Charlie Davies on Instant replay and he was quoted saying "I think they got this one right" I do not agree with Charlie, yes there is contact but, it was very minimal. I understand that VAR could have been used and I do think Davies was right in saying it would not have been reversed. I do not think the call should have been awarded. Like so many times earlier this year a striker was rewarded for feeling the contact and hitting the ground looking for the call. I see contact but can not see a foul. Play on Chicharito.

The match: NYCFC vs Atlanta United

The referee: Ismail Elfath

The Play: In the 11th minute around the midfield area NYCFC player Andres Jasson has the ball played to him with his back facing the defender. Atlanta Defender Santiago Sosa comes in and makes contact on a slide challenge from behind. Referee Elfath issues a yellow for the challenge.

My thoughts: depending on how I see this play from what angle I see a replay I have mixed feelings. Could Sosa have gotten the ball? Sure he could have. To me this is endangering the safety on an opponent. Jasson has no clue this tackle is coming and could have resulted in a very serious injury because of it. Sosa makes contact with his ankle receiving the ball first the follows through with his trail leg taking Jasson and the rest of his body down to the turf reckless, yes, brutal? Maybe. I am ok with the yellow card here but would have felt better about a red just for the injury that could have happened.


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