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To VAR or not to VAR that is the question...

What's up everyone! Sorry I was a little MIA for a while there, craziness with the new baby at home! But to finish out the year I will be back to the normal grind of weekly posts and hopefully appearing on the podcast again soon!

Only going to talk about one call from this past weekend that I have watched probably over 100 times the last few days. I looked at the Laws of the game for VAR and how MLS uses it and a few possibilities into who, what, and how everything could have transpired. Ready!?

The match: Do I really need to say? Orlando City SC vs Nashville SC

The Referee: Allen Chapman

The VAR: Rosendo Mendoza

The play: In the 94th minute Orlando City has a free kick center of the pitch about 25 yards out. The strike rattles the bar and comes back out for a playable ball Nashville defender Alistair Johnston has a chance to clear the ball but appears to just make minor contact on the ball after coming together with City attacker Daryl Dike. Andres Perea eventually puts the ball in the back of the net.

The on field call: The first call on field from Allen Chapman and his team was good goal, however Rosendo Mendoza recommended that Chapman take a look as there may have been a foul committed on Nashville defender Alistair Johnston by City forward Daryl Dike. After review the goal was disallowed and a subsequent free kick was awarded to Nashville.

WHAT HAPPENED AND HOW: The Laws of the Game state for purposes of VAR and initiating it,specific to decisions relating to goals, the play can be reviewed if the attacking phase of play led to the direct decision/incident. That is how the review was triggered. Now was the outcome a little harsh? Sure as MLS and Pro have relied on the phrase, "clear and obvious". I don't see it. To me whatever call the center referee made at the stage of the goal should have been what was decided. goal or no goal. I am good with either. To me hard to see a foul however, I have changed my mind many times. Here is what the laws and MLS said this about the play...

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