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Rocky Mountain Cup Scenarios

Supporter-run Rocky Mountain Cup. Photo from Real Salt Lake

After holding the Rocky Mountain Cup for 9 out of 13 years, including 4 straight, RSL surrendered the trophy to their Western Conference and regional rivals, the Colorado Rapids, last year after a 5-0 defeat at home. Entering the two teams' third and final regular season match, RSL is well-positioned to once again retain the supporter-run trophy. Tonight's match kicks off at 7:30 pm mountain time from RSL's home of Rio Tinto Stadium.

The teams have split their two games this year, with the home side winning each time. RSL won on July 24th 3-0, with the scoring opening with an own-goal from Rapids goalkeeper William Yarbrough. On August 21st, the Rapids returned the favor with a 2-1 comeback victory.

The Rocky Mountain Cup is awarded to the team who earns the most points from the regular season matches between the clubs. Currently, both teams have 3 points as a result of their respective wins. In the event of a tie, goal differential is used to determine the winner. RSL currently holds a +2 goal differential advantage. Below are the scenarios for determining who will be taking home the Rocky Mountain Cup tonight.

RSL: Any Win or Draw

Because RSL holds the goal differential advantage, any draw will hand them the trophy on the goal differential tiebreaker. Additionally, any victory will secure the cup as well, since that would leave RSL on six points and Colorado on three.

Colorado: Any Win

If the Rapids want to keep their prize, they need a rare road win at Rio Tinto Stadium. Last year's victory was the first time Colorado won in Utah since 2007, back when RSL was playing in the University of Utah's Rice Eccles Stadium in only their third year of existence. While a Rapids win tonight is possible, history is not on their side.

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