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Revs Knocked Out By Club América, Fail to Score By Inches @ NYC and Centimeters @ Toronto, Then Lead Miami for 32 Glorious Minutes Before Falling to the Messi and the Herons 4-1

ROBC Vol. 2 No. 4, Apr 29 2024

Matt: It’s been a rough three weeks for our heroes. After a predictable thrashing by Club América, the Revs went south to New York City and returned empty handed, then came back from the Great White North with just as much. At least the fan base, and all of the other people who showed up, were looking forward to Miami’s visit on April 27th.

Josh: I know Boston sports fans are used to the struggle, but everyone has to be wondering what’s going on with the so-recently-top-of-the-ranks New England Revolution. They started strong in the tournament, right?

Matt: Club América was a simple mismatch, though as a Revs fan I was pleased they had advanced to that point. But when you’re facing a team that regularly achieves at a certain level, it doesn’t matter how much energy or hope and dreams you have with you, they will simply outplay you.

Josh: And breaking the streak seems to be resting on the energy and hope and dreams. As we get into the matches, there is so much energy out there from Nacho, from Kessler, and from Ravas. Ravas specifically had some spectacular stops at Yankee Stadium, but two slipped by and our up-front crew couldn’t get the ball across the line - like literally inches away in the 78th minute. Chancalay had four shot attempts, two on target, and yet, they leave the Bronx scoreless.

Matt: While Vrioni seems to have the CCC Tournament touch when it comes to scoring goals, it’s not happening in MLS play. And while the overall stats from the NYCFC game were fairly even, NYCFC had 17 shots to the Revs 8. That, to me, is the story of the numbers. Yes, the Revs defensive line is still morphing due to conditioning and random injury issues, but as Abraham Lincoln said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Or was it was someone else who said that?

Josh: You’re thinking of Mark Twain being quoted by Dwayne Schrute. We briefly got to enjoy Noel Buck in Toronto, but then he had to visit the trainers before halftime. Hopefully he’s healing and comes back quickly. And yet, eighteen! Eighteen shots and not one snuck past Sean Johnson, to head back to Foxboro scoreless again. Are the other teams that much better than our Revs, or is there just something in the strategy, in the way they’re navigating the pitch that keeps them from breaking the lead and holding it?

Matt: I know this is going to blow your mind, but when the Revs move the ball quickly, they create more chances. The problem is they don’t consistently do that, and then in the finish – it just isn’t happening. Yes, Toronto GK Johnson made some impressive saves, but at some point it’s not enough to say the other team played well. The Revs need more energy and creativity in the midfield, paired with a few slices of clinical finish at the striker. Which is why the Revs fans who came to Gillette last Saturday night were excited (Messi!) and anxious (Messi!).

Josh: Right?! While no fan wants their team to face the GOAT, it had to be amazing to be in the stadium and see him play.

Matt: So, a crowd of over 65,000 filled the stadium, and simple math tells you that about 45,000 or more were primarily there to see the FC Barcelona mini-reunion known as the 2024 edition of Inter Miami.

source: Matt Glenn

Which made Chancalay’s thrilling and improbable goal at the 34 second mark so stunning, just stunning.

source: Matt Glenn

There wasn’t any hype goal music, possibly because NO ONE was expecting something like that so quickly. And the same goes for the fans. The reaction was more of shock than released anticipation. And so for 34 glorious minutes, the wooden-spoon-looking Revs were leading the Eastern Conference first-place Inter Miami of FC Herons.

Josh: Wow. What a rush those 34 minutes must have been!

Matt: As a Revs fan, I simply loved the fact that the team made a statement, time and time again, that they weren’t there to watch Messi play. For a good chunk of time, the Revs were the ones with the extra step to the ball to disrupt Miami. For me, Henry Kessler was the Man of the Match - he made short work of a lot of Miami’s efforts to get Messi the ball. Ravas, while making a few mistakes, to me appears to be quick to realize he’s made the mistake and is able to compensate. For example, he let himself get way out of position on a quick ball to his left, and when the play got away from him kept his head and sent it out of bounds. The next step, of course, is to not make the mistake. That being said, his quick reactions are making the difference - from stopping the PK in Toronto to preventing Messi’s attempt at a hat trick, he’s got moves.

Josh: Every goalie who stops a PK deserves a cookie and an ice pack, always. And while he deserves his accolades, we love to see our teams stifle the expected MVP.

MattL: And to his credit, you could tell even from my fantastic fifth row vantage point, Messi was not happy about any of the good work the Revs were doing. Even after he tied it up in the 34’, Messi still looked determined to not let this one get away from them. It was frankly exciting to see a world class player who A: is still a fantastic player, and B: even so, isn’t packing it up when the going gets tough. I also have to say it was exciting to watch Sergio Bousquets. Here’s a guy who’s not a spring chicken, but he is SO SKILLED he makes mincemeat out of other players and teams whose recipe for success includes more than 20% of hopes, dreams, and testosterone. The guy just puts the ball where he wants to. Just about every time.

Josh: Great play always deserves recognition. I’m that annoying guy in the stands who shrugs when the opposing team does something very strong. My peers are defeated or angry, and I’m the jerk saying “Well that was impressive.”

Matt: So while the 4-1 loss wasn’t a shock, the Revs definitely stepped it up and provided some thrills that night. That being said, for me it is clear that Chancalay is the team’s striker, but the team needs at least one more piece on the wing or midfield. Right now, while fully cognizant that I don’t know the finer details of the conversations in the clubhouse, the little knocks and strains that change the mix and lineup from game to game, and the moving pieces that determine roster decisions, as a fan I’m not concerned with signing a defender or GK. Without more goals scored, this 1-1-7 isn’t going to turn around. 

So a visit to Chicago might be just what the Revs need right now. Chicago only has one more win than the Revs, but also seem to have a knack for draws. Right now 1 point sounds like a good place to start…..which at the same time doesn’t feel good. But when they face the Red Bulls the next week, Chicago will be a pleasant memory as they are tested once again by a very aggressive team. So…Go Revs! Protect the Fort! Bring the Fight! Score goals! Keep Chancalay up front! Keep developing Esmir! Spill Dump the Tea!

Revs On Both Coasts Slyde-ing Scale for Games 7, 8, & 9

























Team Composure




Average Score on the Revs Slyde-ing Scale: 6.25/10 - Hopefully the next game can bump up these numbers!

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