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Quakes 2022-2023 Offseason Report #2: Early Tremors

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Photo: Favian Renkel

Vol. 2 No. 20

Matt: What a Word Cup final - just when I thought France was about to fade, Mbappé scores a brace in as many minutes and sets the rest of an amazing championship game in motion. Were you couch surfing or at a watch party?

Josh: I LOVED watching the World Cup down in DTSJ (Downtown San Jose for those in the know)… when the sun is up. And this year’s Cup connected QuakesOnBothCoasts with Favian from Tectonic Takes, which was awesome. However, for the Final, 7AM and 37 degrees was not in the cards for what I did not anticipate to be an exciting game. But later, when reasonable people were awake on a Sunday morning, the game was super-exciting, even from my couch!

Matt: I expect Espinoza has a little Argentine pep in his step right now, and Messi claiming - nay, earning - his last remaining trophy to fill out his cabinet is a great story. IMHO, he really is the GOAT. And if I couldn’t watch the USMNT push farther into the tournament with former Revs fan fave Matt Turner in net, this compensated quite nicely. At the same time, despite all that soccer excitement, disappointment, and glory all mashed into a soccer pitch over the last month, the shock of Grant Wahl’s passing is still resonating here. Yet another reminder to take advantage of the time we have on this crazy rock.

Josh: If you weren’t already thinking that this time of year, a good reminder. And hopefully with something so tragic and visible, the conversations about FIFA and ethics in the world of sport continue. Usually, the World Cup ends and two weeks later, Americans forget about soccer and what the community “hosting” the Cup went through - let’s all help this one be different.

Matt: Just two days after the greatest World Cup final in history, MLS drops the 2023 schedule. There’s a lot to look forward to this season: Luchi Gonzalez is in with both feet, new GK coach Adin Brown will be working with the crew between the sticks, and the roster is filling out. Luchi’s recent work with the USMNT should be a good fit for the Quakes, as they are also a team with room for improvement. No wooden spoon repeat, please.

Josh: Welcome Coach Luchi!! But sadly, another regular season without the San Jose - New England matchup that we…

Matt: …and everyone we know…

Josh: …are clamoring for. Another year, another expansion team - this time in the west with St Louis City! And in breaking news, the Quakes picked up a Hoosier, a Nittany Lion, and a Terp in the SuperDraft! Just saying - Tommy Thompson and his brother were hanging in Indiana a lot this Fall. Guess I’m ordering a George jersey this Spring! And then we have the Preseason, starting February 4th down in Monterey, to finalize the last couple of spots.

Matt: I’m totally psyched about Judson - I hope and expect that he will start the season injury free, and with last year’s backline additions the defensive line will be a solid squad for this campaign. The first three games are against teams that had some struggles last season, so hopefully the Quakes can pull a W or two while they develop their system and mindset. I’m incredibly bummed the Quakes are coming east to play the New Jersey Red Bulls, but won’t make it out to Foxborough. So…the out of conference game I am most interested in at this point is the June 10th matchup against Philadelphia. They are an impressive team and one that tests all aspects of their opponents’ skills and strategy. But even before then, the unanswered question remains: how will they move the ball up the midfield with speed and precision?

Josh: I’m really glad to see Judson returning. I’m still hoping the midfield movement will be supported by Tommy Thompson, but that light is starting to fade. Perhaps Michael Baldisimo will be the support the midfield needs. But are you going to be okay if the rumors of Benji come true?

Matt: I will not. Unless they trade him for Mbappé or Messi. Then…grudgingly.

Josh: I’m just hoping we pay Ebobisse and Cowell enough to stay, and their payroll is way below either of those gentlemen. The 2023 Campaign will include some special excitement in the Bay Area: Levi’s Stadium will be hosting the Earthquakes/LAFC matchup, back to Stanford for the Clasíco, the Leagues Cup… there’s a lot to look forward to in MLS and in San Jose. With MLS Season Pass, I won’t miss a game for blackouts. And I’m planning on it being safe and fun to make it to PayPal Park for more in-person Quakes festivities. There - I have a New Year’s Resolution!

Matt: I guess mine would be to use Instagram more often, where you can find us at @quakescoasts. If I need help, I’ll ask my younger ones before bothering you every step of the way.

Josh: Okay, but we won’t be posting guinea pig content in return, right? Thank you to everyone who read and provided feedback this year! And thank you to you, Matt, for another great year of partnering on Quakes on Both Coasts! Vamos 2023!

Matt: Right back at ya, and Vamos SJ!

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Instagram: @quakescoasts


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