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¿Qué pasa, Orlando City?

Updated: May 2

Has The Absence of One Player From Last Year Spelled Doom For The Lions?


From 2019-2023, he was the stalwart anchor who commanded the midfield. More importantly, he was the engine who won most challenges, received the first or second ball out of the back, and managed the game with his tactical awareness. When Mauricio Pereyra left Orlando after five seasons to play with his home side Nacional in Montevideo, we immediately recognized that this was not going to be a normal 'plug and play' situation. The #10 position, especially for Orlando City, has been a very important cog in the wheel for manager Oscar Pareja's system. Playing in front of midfielders Wilder Cartagena and César Araújo, Pereyra's match management propelled the Lions in the attack and provided the all important pivot to help switch the ball quickly. After nine points from their first 9 games, there is no doubt that there is a missing ingredient to a side, other than Pereyra, is just as strong as last year with one more year of experience playing together.

I am not going to get into Orlando's systemic inability to close out a game. At the professional level, that should be all eleven players focus and initiative. Last night's home loss to Toronto has once again sent a strong message to Oscar Pareja and his staff. What I will discuss:

  • Doing the same thing over and over again with similar results = insanity.

  • Orlando City's lack of possession and giveaways are ridiculous and must once and for all, stop.

  • Nicolas Lodeiro is not the answer and a like-for-like for Mauricio Pereyra

  • Orlando has between 8 and 11 games to play before Europe's transfer windows open.

  • The main attacking weapon, Duncan McGuire, is again poised to join Blackburn, or is he?

  • Luis Muriel has shown us his presence on the ball, but I doubt he is a pure front-running striker.

  • Newcomer David Brekalo, an addition to replace center back Antonio Carlos, cannot stay away from injuries.

  • The Wilf family thankfully are experienced with professional sports ownership, but how long does their patience last with their Club, who is 2-4-3, sit in 13th place in the Eastern Conference, and have allowed seventeen goals in their first 9 games.

Second place Cincinnati comes to Inter & Co. stadium this Saturday night. Oscar Pareja has a long week ahead with solving some glaring problems with his side. He better solve those problems quickly.

Gary Levitt @gary1123

Photo credit: CP24


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