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Not-So-Daily MLS Now Daily #2

Two days in a row. So far so good...

Talking Point #1: 17-year-old LB Curtis Ofori signed by New York Red Bulls on homegrown deal


  • New York Red Bulls sign 17-year-old US youth international LB Curtis Ofori

  • Ofori already has 41 USL Championship appearances for New York Red Bulls II at such a young age

  • He is yet to score or assist as a professional player


This is yet another highly-rated player coming out of the New York Red Bulls talent factory. I'll say it until I'm blue in the face, type it until my hands have fallen off, the NewYork Red Bulls produce a professional-quality player every single year out of their academy. Every year it is a fun game to guess which young player from the Red Bulls will burst onto the scene. Don't surprised if 2023 is Ofori's year.

Talking Point #2: Canada finish 2nd to last in 2022 FIFA World Cup


  • Canada finsih the group stage with 0 points and a -5 goal difference

  • The only team to have a worse performance on paper is Qatar, with 0 points and a -6 goal difference


A lot of people seem pretty impressed with Canada's performance's this World Cup, even though they've finished with 0 points to show for it.

Maybe I am being a contrarian, or a hater, but they've been quite poor in my opinion. I get that they dominated Belgium, and fully deserved to win that game, but who hasn't this tournament? In the end, Belgium's only win was that 1-0 over Canada. Belgium are clearly no longer the juggernaut that they were. Is it really *that* impressive now that all is said and done?

I am seeing a lot of people saying that Canada should be proud of what they've done this World Cup. I don't know. Should they?


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