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New England Swipe 12 Points in the Last 4 Games, Vrioni With A Brace Against Cincinnati...Is It Happening?

ROBC Vol. 2 No. 5, June 24 2024

New England Swipes 12 Points in the Last Four Games, Vrioni With A Brace Against Cincinnati…Is It Happening?

The Revs have won 4 in a row – the first time they’ve done that since 2021, against Nashville, the Red Bulls, Vancouver, and finally Cincinnati. For those who track the team closely, we’re psyched and ready to go. And for now, Porter’s job is secure. That being said, if the Revs can’t go at least .500 for the rest of the season, I wouldn’t put money on seeing him on the sidelines for 2025.

While hardcore fans may be looking for the singular difference maker (as in Dave Romney = WINZ), the truth has a lot more twists and turns. For those who don’t track the team closely, anecdotal evidence says the team needs to keep winning to change minds. For example, I was wearing a Revs jersey 3 days after they beat Vancouver, and someone I didn’t know approached me and complimented me for being willing to rep a team that was doing so poorly. He had no idea the Revs had won their last three. Admittedly, Boston-area sports fans have been watching the Boston Celtics win their 18th – yep, EIGHTEENTH – NBA Championship. So now the only other game in town is the Red Sox, and if the Revs can go 5 for 5, you better believe Boston sports radio will start talking about it.

 Whether or not you agree with the person next to you how the Revs have pulled off 4 in a row, 12 points is 12 points is 12 points. Here’s my takeaway from the last four games.

Revs Win Four - Matt’s Take on Twelve Points

  1. The Revs have been able to take advantage of opponents missing key players due to international play: Forsburg, Morgan and Coronel for NYRB, Miles Robinson for Cincinnati. While Porter likes to start Bajraktarević, he is not much of a Noel Buck guy – though Buck, England National Team Player, scored for the Revs against Vancouver.

  2. Two of the Revs opponents – Nashville and Cincinnati – were on short rest.

  3. While some teams are suffering 2024 injuries, including Revs player Chancalay, who is out for an undetermined amount of time, more players are coming back from injury, including Dylan Borrero, Dejuan Jones, and Brandon Bye.

  4. Revs positioning is improving. More and more, Revs are anticipating and intercepting passes, rather than just relying on one-on-one attempts to dispossess or disrupt.

  5. Dejuan Jones, with his ability to hustle, move the ball up the wing, and service to the box, is a huge part of the Revs attack. Underrated, IMHO.

  6. Ema Boateng = SUPERSUB.  

Revs vs Columbus - Matt’s Keys to the Game

  1. Revs need to take advantage of being in Gillette. They have a higher possession percentage at home than on the road. Columbus relies on possession to create scoring chances, so that is a net plus for the Revs.

  2. Carles is clicking more with Vrioni. There is also more service into the box, thanks in large part to Dejuan Jones and Ema Boateng.

  3. Columbus likes to build up from the back to score goals…the Revs need to stymie the Crew in the midfield.

  4. Crew stars Cucho Hernandez and Diego Rossi, who account for 7 of their 11 goals in their last 4 games, are relentless. The Revs will need continued strong work from the centerbacks.

  5. The Crew will also have to play without Aidan Morris, who has headed off to England.

  6. All that being said, The Crew will be rested, largely injury-free, and the only player out is Jacen Russell-Rowe (F), who has 3 goals on the season, 2 of them against Chicago. The Revs will have a game on their hands. Hopefully Columbus will, too.

Revs On Both Coasts Slyde-ing Scale for Games 14-17

























Team Composure




Average Score on the Revs Slyde-ing Scale:  8.375/10 - Revs getting it done this month so far – will they win all of their June matches? Stay tuned…

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