Match Preview: FCD vs Min

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FC Dallas returns tonight after nearly three weeks off due to the international break. Since their loss against the Colorado Rapids at the end of last month, Dallas has gained reinforcements. Brandon Servania and Justin Che have returned from their loans, Jesus Ferreira is now training with his teammates after a lengthy injury, and defensive midfielder Facundo Quignon has offically signed for the club.

Dallas only had four players join their respective national teams, allowing for a majority of the squad to recover and rest. Justin Che joined the US for their friendly against Switzerland. Bryan Acosta played for Honduras in their Nations League game against the US. Freddy Vargas joined the senior Venezuela for their World Cup qualifier games. Lastly, Szabolcs Schon joined Hungary for their two friendlies and was later added to their Euros 2020 roster. (

Image: FC Dallas Twitter

Dallas will look to climb up the table after a disappointing start to the season. At the moment they sit at the bottom of the Western Conference table with six points overall. They've lost three, tied three, and won once. The weakest spots in the roster so far have been in the attack and defensive midfield. Ferreira is not completely fit yet, but he is working his way to a possible start very soon. The addition of Quignon will hopefully solve the defensive midfield issue.


Image: Melanie G. Isbell via Lineup11

Due to the recent lack of games and inability to attend practice, this lineup is a guess. Thankfully other Dallas news sources have made guessing a little easier.

The game will be played at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, TX. Luchi usually employs a 4-3-3 at home. Martinez and Bressan should be fully rested and recovered from any issues they had prior to the break. Ryan Hollingshead should be in his usual leftback spot with Eddie Munjoma opposite him on the right.

It is unknown if Quignon is available for selection. He needs to get his P-1 Visa if he hasn't already. If he is available though, it's likely that he'll start immediately. He's been training with the club for awhile now. For comparison Schon was subbed into his first game just a day or two after his first practice with the team, so Luchi isn't afraid to play the new guys.

Andres Ricaurte and Acosta have both performed well in the first few games, there's no reason to drop them. Jader Obrian doesn't have a whole lot of competition for the right winger spot. Kalil ElMedkhar could replace him if Luchi wants to try something different with the wings but with the club being at the bottom of the table, he'll most likely want to go with a veteran lineup. Paxton Pomykal is probaby not ready for 90 minutes but he is well enough to start now and maybe play 50 or 60 minutes.

Finally for the striker it's a guessing game on who starts. Franco Jara hasn't played well. Ricardo Pepi brings more speed and his runs have helped to open up space for the wingers. Still, he only has one goal so far. Luchi will probably switch to Pepi for a few games until Ferreira is fit enough for a start.

Image: FC Dallas Twitter

Score Prediction-

3-0, FC Dallas win. Going with an optimistic prediction, Dallas will shake off their horrible start to the season. Pomykal starting will give the Dallas attack extra creativity. Hollingshead scores the first goal, Obrian the second, ending the first half 2-0. They'll slow down in the second half, until a late Jara goal after he subs in.