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Match Preview: FC Dallas vs Inter Miami CF

Image: FC Dallas via Twitter


Alright, after about a week off from writing about FCD, I am back! Time for a quick recap! Last week Dallas faced the Portland Timbers at Toyota Stadium. The match unfortunately ended 1-1 for Dallas, the win was snatched away in the waning minutes by Franck Boli. Boli made his debut for the Timbers in that match in the 86th minute. Dallas' lone goal came from Facundo Quignon, his first of the season.

Now, looking at tomorrow... FC Dallas currently sits at 6th place in the Western Conference with even results, 2 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses. Miami are currently on a losing streak, they've lost their last four games and have been outscored 7-2 in those games. Miami are in 10th place in the Eastern Conference.

Possible Starting Eleven-

There are two ways I could see Dallas lining up this weekend. They'll either use a single striker or they may take this opportunity to use a two striker system with both Jesus Ferreira and Jesus Jimenez starting.

Image: Toros95 via Lineup11

This is the usual single striker system that Dallas uses. Since Quignon scored the lone goal for Dallas last week, I have him starting over Edwin Cerrillo. Geovane Jesus had his first start last week since Ema Twumasi was out due to his red card. Geovane played well in his first start, so I have him keeping the spot right now. Here's the other possible starting lineup:

Image: Toros95 via Lineup11

I took Quignon/Cerrillo out for this lineup and put in Jesus Jimenez for a two striker system. Like I mentioned before, Miami's been outscored 7-2, so their defensive is very bad. This would be a good time for Nico Estevez to try out a two striker system and have both Jimenez and Ferreira starting.

Score Prediction-

Dallas needs to win this match. Losing the win they did last weekend was a blow to both fans and the players. They need to regain their confidence and with Miami's losing streak, this is a great game for them to win. Unfortunately, with Miami on their losing streak, this could also be a trap game. If they lose this match, it could destroy them.

For my score prediction, I'm going to be optimistic and say Dallas wins 2-1. Jimenez scores his first one for Dallas and Velasco scores the second goal.

By Toros95


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