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The posturing and positioning of so-called leverage between the League and the MLSPA started last year and for all the right and wrong reasons has carried over to the start of this preseason. I don't like the math the League has published on possible losses by the League and its owners. I don't like it because the League has not published the analytics and revenue forecasts that support what I have read, something to the tune of $1 billion in losses, etc. On the other side of the fence, I don't necessarily agree with the MLSPA for what I feel is a logical reason. Though it may seem like the League is taking advantage of the pandemic economics, I feel strongly that the players, at an extreme baseline, should feel fortunate to have jobs. Yes, I said it and the main reason is just a reality of today's times. With millions of people, for one reason or another, no longer able to have a job, being paid the majority of your contracted salary, in today's reality, is a blessing. Sure, there is give and take regarding a player's contract, and there are the health concerns of players and staff doing what they do every day, but the truth is the players are still employed, and for the most part will enjoy all or most of their contracted compensation for years to come. Don't get me wrong, I am on the player's side while understanding that the League must mitigate losses - but no party to Major League Soccer can 'afford' a work stoppage. It is my take and I welcome yours. g

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