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Inside Preseason: Brenner and Acosta!!

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

On this Inside Preseason; Brenner and Luciano Acosta discuss their new club, their Manager and each other.


On how training has been so far, and how he is adapting to his new club.

”In regards to the training center, everything is going well. The facility is great and has everything that I need to perform and develop. In regards to the training, it’s going well. Little by little I will adapt to the training style and get to the intensity level that they need. I’m anxious to get started with the season and play the first game.”
“From the moment I arrived, everything has been going well. The players are great, the facilities are great and so far everything has been going very well.”

On is assessment of the skill level of his new team and if they can be competitive.

”I’m very happy with the team. The quality of the players is high. Training has been going very well. The team has great expectations for the season. I think we can do great things together.”

His reaction to the signing of Luciano Acosta.

”With Luciano, I am very excited with his arrival. He is a great, experienced player that I really like playing with. Him being South American, that‘s a great thing for us to connect with. We’re getting along well. ”

On his impressions of MLS so far and if he had followed the league at all prior to his arrival.

”The games don’t really show up on TV in Brazil, but I would stay up to date by watching videos online. So I could see a little about the team. When they showed interest in me, I was excited. All I want to do now is perform, and give my all to the team and be successful. “

On what convinced him that this was the right place for his development.

”What attracted me was they showed me the facility, the new stadium and everything that they showed me really showed that they have the support available for the players to develop and excel at their best. After seeing all of that, I was also very interested in coming to America and living here. Most of all, I want to make history.“

On European teams being interesting in him in the past, and if playing for a big European club is a goal of his.

”I did receive interest from other teams, but my focus is giving my all to FC Cincinnati. My focus is here. After speaking with family and friends, my heart told me that it was time to come to FC Cincinnati.”

On how he sees the partnership with Jurgen Locadia developing, and how he felt Jurgen could help his development.

”Locadia has been helping me a lot since I arrived, he‘s a great person it‘s been great playing with him in training. Also with Acosta‘s arrival as well, it will be great playing with the both of them.”

On how familiar he was with Jaap Stam prior to arriving, and now that he’s trained under him for a while, what his initial impressions are of Stam as a manager.

”It’s an honor playing under him, he was an amazing player who built a great career. Before I came, he called me and we had a great converstation. It’s been a great experience having him as my coach.”

On wether he played in the scrimmage with Louisville, and what his assessment of the level of play was.

“I didn’t play, but I watched a little bit of the game. I have great impressions of my own team. Even in practice I can see the high quality of the team. As for future opponents , it will be a challenge but it’s something im excited for.“

On if he feels pressure as a prolific goal scorer for Sao Paulo FC, coming to a team that has struggled to score goals.

“As a football player, there’s always going to be pressure. Last season was great for Sao Paulo, I celebrated that season. Now it’s a new challenge that I’m up for. I’m used to that pressure, so I don’t think that will be a problem.”

On if he has friends in the league, or anyone that he talked to about MLS before deciding to come.

“Yes, I have one in Auro Jr in Toronto, and another in Artur in Columbus. I did speak with them before, and they helped me in my decision to come here. I’m excited to see them.”

Luciano Acosta

On how he is adjusting the his new club and his teammates.

”I’m very excited to be here. I’m very thankful for my new teammates, and more than anything I’m excited to get started.”

On when he learned that FC Cincinnati was interested in him, what attracted him to the club, and what his emotions were when he heard that the deal was done.

”It was a very long process. When I heard FC Cincinnati was interested in me, memories of MLS just flooded in. But like I said, it was a very long process which made me anxious. But overall, I’m very excited for this new chapter and new season.”

On returning to the MLS with a different club and what it will feel like to play against D.C. United.

”Yes, this is a new team. A team that is going into it’s third season with big expectations. As the saying goes, the third time is the charm. And when we play against D.C. United it will be an emotional match, I’m excited about it, but now I’m with FC Cincinnati and I’m excited for the season and the challenge ahead.“

On what stood out about FC Cincinnati and when the timing was right to return to MLS.

”I think one thing that stood out is the energy that they put into the negotiation process. The desire that they had to have me here. I really valued that. Also, I wouldn’t say that I chose the timing to return to MLS. More than anything, I was captivated by the desire that the club had to have me here.”

On how much he knew about Brenner prior to arriving in Cincinnati and how he thinks their partnership can help the attack for FC Cincinnati.

“I think he’s a player that is hungry for success. He comes from a great club in a great league and I get along with him great already, on and off the pitch. And not just him, I think we’re building something very exciting and hopefully we can bring something exciting to this club.”

His thoughts on the No. 10 position being the piece that this club needed to unlock it‘s potential in the attack and if he feels that he has what he needs around him to be successful.

“We’ll, technically Jurgen Locadia will be wearing No. 10 and I’ll be wearing No. 11. (he said with a smile.) But like i mentioned before, all we have to do is adapt to the system that Coach Stam wants to play and if we do that we can bring some success to this club.”

On his first impression of the group so far and specifically Brenner and Locadia.

”It’s been very good. Since I’ve arrived I’ve had a very warm welcome. Not just from the Latino contingency here in the club, but from everyone involved. Yes, I’ve already developed a connection with Locadia, Barreal, Brenner, Matarrita.... but like i mentioned, it’s a long road and we are just focused on working hard and bringing success to the club.”

When asked about his personal challenges and the goals he has for the season.

“My goal is to take it game by game. There needs to be an emphasis on away games and to win as many games as we can on the road. Because home games should be a fortress here. Especially at the new West End stadium. Our goal is to make it to the playoffs and then be a hard team to beat, and to go as far as we can.”

On how he would describe his time at Atlas FC, and if he is a different player than he was during is first stretch in MLS.

“I think it was a very hard year for everyone due to the Global Pandemic. Now I’m here with FC Cincinnati and I hope to do well. I have very big goals and expectations for my second stretch here (in MLS.)”.

On whether he has had the opportunity to speak personally to Jaap Stam.

“Yes, I’ve been here for a few days now and I’ve had various conversations with him. He explained to me the way he wants me to play and also how he wants the whole team to play. He was very sincere. We have to work hard, we want to be a competitive team in the league.”

Finally, Lucho commented on Brenner’s statement that their shared South American roots will make it easier to make a connection, and what his first meeting with Brenner was like.

“Yes, it’s definitely easier to communicate and to develop that connection on and off the pitch. He’s also new to the Country and to MLS, so I know that I can help him to adjust and to grow. We’ve had a few conversations, he’s very timid but we’ve been able to showcase him on the pitch in the few trainings that we’ve had.

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