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FC Dallas Rumored to be Pursuing Barcelona SC Defender

Image: Toros95


Yesterday FC Dallas were rumored via Twitter that they are currently pursuing Ecuadorian soccer player Joshue Quinonez. Tom Bogert, a writer for MLS Insider, tweeted out the news.

Quinonez is a young player at 20 years old. So far, he's spent his entire career with Barcelona SC, having played with their U-20 team, their B team, and now their first team in Serie A Primera Etapa, the top league in Ecuador. He plays as a centerback, a position Dallas will need to build up in the coming years as their current centerback pairing Matt Hedges and Jose Martinez are 31 and 29 years old respectively. Hedges will turn 32 early in the spring. (

Quinonez recently made his debut for the senior Ecuador national team, in late October of last year. Ecuador beat Mexico 3-2 in the international friendly. Quinonez subbed on in the 82nd minute to earn his debut. (;/g/11qg5bhq3c;2;/g/11b66jrs60;tl;fp;1;;)

Quinonez would most likely be a signing for the future and a depth piece for this season. He'll be taking up an international spot, which Dallas only has one spare spot. According to Bogert the move would be a loan, which means there's little risk for Dallas if he doesn't pan out.

Bogert mentioned on Twitter that Dallas will need to acquire his discovery rights from the Portland Timbers. Looking at Dallas' roster right now, they don't seem to have a lot of surplus to move around. Dallas would likely offer GAM in exchange for the discovery rights.

If Quinonez does join Dallas, he'll have to battle it out with Nkosi Tafari and Lucas Bartlett to be the third centerback on the depth chart.

By Toros95

Twitter: Toros95


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