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Crisis in the Queen City

(Photo Credit: Charlotte FC Site)

We are now beyond the midway point of the season and what a rollercoaster of a season it has been for Charlotte. We'll get into a few of the big things in this article. So let's get it started.

Andre Shinyashiki and Nuno Santos allegations.

There were some very troubling allegations that came out around the end of April/early May that involved Shinyashiki and Nuno Santos. The club has seemed to handle that situation well and it looks like we'll no longer see either of them playing for Charlotte again. That outcome is refreshing to see when it seems like most of the time players only get a slap on the wrist for such things.

Charlotte's lack of wins.

If you've been watching Charlotte this season you know it's been very frustrating as a fan to watch this team and that's just the truth. The on the field product has not improved at all so far this season. Charlotte's current record as I write this is 6-7-8. Wins have been so few and far between this year that we've nearly forgotten what that looks and feels like. The tactics just don't seem to be there. Holding a lead is almost impossible for this team. Fans are still unsure if Lattanzio is the man to lead Charlotte and it's not hard to blame them for that.


Transfers seems non existent so far in the summer transfers window. I know it has just opened but there have been zero rumors floating around about any players coming in with the exception of Scott Arfield but he's hardly enough to address the problems this Charlotte team has.

On the field production.

There have been a couple of players who have shown some spark. Justin Meram, Ashley Westwood, Kerwin Vargas and Jaylin Lindsey are a few fan favorites this season. Jaylin hardly gets the playing time he should though and that's unfortunate for the team. Karol Swiderski and Enzo Copetti have been fairly underwhelming. Karol only has 5 goals and Enzo has only netted 4. The back line has been non existent, as I mentioned above about holding onto leads when we do get them. It's hard to blame the players completely though when the tactics have been absolutely awful.

Christian Lattanzio.

The tactics have been so far off this year and they don't seem to be improving. When he's asked about tactics or the team there's usually a reply with "we're not Real Madrid" or something similar to that. Most of the fans have lost faith in his ability to guide the team. With the way things are looking currently it's not hard to see why.

Ending on a positive note.

While the team hasn't looked amazing we are still currently only a couple of points outside of the playoff line. There is still time to improve things and get us there. A couple of signings in much needed areas could improve that. Tactics that actually fit Charlotte could also improve that. There is talent there to do it so hopefully it gets figured out and we find our way in these last few months.

Justin Lee

Twitter: @_Pancake_Papi

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