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Better Late Than Never?

Santiago Rodriguez Returning to NYCFC ?

Written by: @CoachJ0e

February 13, 2023 as of 1:00pm EST

On a Friday news dump, #NYCFC twitter went into a frenzy with the leaked announcement that CFG and NYCFC had mutually agreed to terms with polarizing midfielder Santiago Rodriguez, whom was with the team on loan since 2021 from Montevideo City Torque. The midfielder had since returned to Torque after the expiration of his loan to NYCFC on December 31, 2022. Santiago Rodriguez upon return to Torque, played in a match for the club, a 1-1 draw, in which he scored from the spot and was subsequently sent off with a straight red card at 90+6'.

While the news is not yet official and confirmation has not been found from the club, Cesar Luis Merlo @CLMerlo tweeted out that the club reached an agreement for a long term contract that will see Santi return to NYCFC on permanent transfer.

This is a HUGE move by CFG and NYCFC, especially after NYCFC has been operating with 14-year old Maximo Carrizo as their 10 through pre-season thus far. Santi will surely be the heir to the now transferred Maxi Moralez, who starred for NYCFC from 2017-2022.

The only speculation remaining regarding the contract between NYCFC and Santiago Rodriguez is if the long term deal will be Targeted Allocation Money (TAM) or if he will now require a DP slot. What do you all think of the deal? Comment below !


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