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A Year to Forget

A joint article written by the co-hosts of Keeping Tabs Podcast

Twitter: @KeepingTabsPod - Ran by Colin and Luke


The Man Behind it All

The 2020 season was a roller coaster of a ride, given the roller coaster was a constant downward fall. In simple terms, there were not many high-points to take away. The season seemed to be going decently enough in the beginning, that is up until the Dynamo GM, Matt Jordan, decided to sell DP winger Alberth Elis. To make matters worse, reports stated the transfer fee to be a measly $1.2 million. Houston, paying up to $2 million dollars for his transfer from Mexico in 2017, actually ended up LOSING money in this trade. This is especially depressing to the Dynamo community after there had been reports in the $10 million range only last season. To sum it up shortly, playoff hopes ended abruptly after Alberth’s departure. I could sit here and name everything that makes Matt Jordan a below-average GM but I

think a single fact should do justice. In his 7 years at the Dynamo, cycling over multiple different coaches, the team has made the playoffs only once.

The News Nobody Wanted to Hear

Shortly after the season came to a depressing end, the Dynamo FO “surprised” the fans by announcing the re-signing of Matt Jordan to a one year contract. It is difficult for us at Keeping Tabs to imagine a team like Portland Timbers or Sporting KC to keep a guy around like Matt Jordan who is only bringing the team further into the dumpster fire. Houston Dynamo was once a proud team, boasting many accomplishments early on in its life. Jump to 2021 and we are now the team that every club wants to face off with for an easy 3 points. I fully expect Jordan to be let go if the Dynamo fail to make the playoffs next season. Maybe then the team can go through a proper rebuild. Conversely, making the playoffs means……..oh no.

Further From the Goal (offseason)

Nothing really notable has come up this offseason apart from one trade in particular. After selling Elis for his all-time lowest value, our newly re-signed GM took it upon himself to sell our DP striker for a much lower value than past reports state. The transfer was never transparent from the club, but many credible reports have the fee locked in at around $4 million. If this is to be true, then this is the highest transfer fee in club history. Reports from past seasons make this fee look like chump change given Mauro Manotas had valued up to $9 million dollars.

Even a Compass Wouldn’t Help

The direction of the club these past years is more lost than travelling the seas without a compass. Not many moved from the FO make much sense and the club is further away from the playoffs than at the beginning of the 2020 season.


Honestly, I expect more of the same. I do not expect to make the playoffs. Until a new ownership group swoops in to save the Dynamo, not much will change. Matt Jordan is not the sole issue here, but he is just not the right man to work off a shoe-string budget. The main problem is lack of support from the club’s owners. So, those of you who are Dynamo fans, we feel for you. For those who aren’t Dynamo fans, don’t hold your breath for the next playoff run from Houston.


Seriously though, we love our team. We are proud Houston supporters and will always #HoldItDown. This has been Keeping Tabs and we hope to see y’all in the article.


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