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A Coach to Save the Ship?

Paulo Nagamura, former SKC II head coach, is now the coach for the Dynamo. While most of the fanbase seems hesitant or skeptical of the hire, I am here to tell you why you should hold back judgement until the beginning of the season.


His record at SKC II cannot be used against him. Yes, his record was pretty bad, but when you look at what his goals and expectations were from Sporting KC HC Peter Vermes, it is easy to look past the losses. Nagamura's job was to develop and send players to the first team. During his 3 years of HC at SKC, 15+ players signed MLS contracts. That is a lot!


His team was comprised of teenagers. These are young boys playing against grown men in a professional league. Most of his players were prospects and still were far away from being professional-ready.


He comes from a winning culture. Yes, I know we're all tired of hearing this but it is true. If there was any one team in MLS to replicate SKC would be near the top of that list. A winning culture is something that Houston has lacked for many years. Hopefully coach can return us to our power days.


It was Pat Onstad's first major decision. I don't know about you, but I for one believe in Pat. I doubt he would jeopardize his first major choice as a GM. Pat really trusts and believes in Paulo and so will I.

There are moves to be made still. Our squad WILL improve and hopefully be competitive by the start of the season. And with a revamped squad, I believe coach Nagamura has what it takes to get us to playoffs.

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