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6 Matches, 5 Points, 4 Dramatic Finishes, 3 Braces, 2 Alternate Shirts, and 1 Top MLS Goal Scorer

QOBC Vol. 2 No. 9 May 31, 2022


Josh: Okay, Matt. San Jose had the task of originally five, then six games in basically two weeks! It’s only appropriate that we crunch ourselves into another episode of SJ74 recaps. AND we should limit our replies to 19 words; I expect 0 of them will include “Chofis”. What do you think?

Matt: I’m always up for crunches, but don’t count out Chofis yet. I think some playing time will be necessary for him to be considered as a quick add to Chivas come July. I wouldn’t mind if Chofis had a 2022 hat trick to go with his one from last September.

Josh: I wouldn’t mind that either, but I’ll believe it when I see it - or our Readers see it below! I’ll go first with the Quakes’ US Open match against the Sounders: Starting lineup is Quakes II stars, 408 2nd line, and three key leaders. Fast soccer turns the first half in SJ’s favor - Skahan finishes the PK, Cowell shoots fast & accurate. Second half, frantic Quakes let good play even the score, despite Bersano’s best efforts. Was that a record number of yellow cards? SJ starters end up playing 45 minutes through 2 OTs. Takes all 11 PKs for Bersano to finish the win.

Matt: Quakes: CCL Champions by the transitive property. ‘Twas a gritty key crucible for this Quakes 2022 2.0 team.

Josh: The Gritty Crucibles is my Ska Punk Band Name.

Matt: That’s way better than “The Calvelos.”

Josh: Obviously it would be “The SkaVelos,” but let’s stay on target. Why don't you tell us about what you saw up in Vancouver?

Matt: Two teams with offensive potential, unpredictable defenses. SJ led possession 62-38%, but not shots (15-16) and SOG (6-7). Bravo increased Quakes offensive activity! Improving offense will take pressure off the defense and its second half stretches of panic play. Unfortunately, Monteiro was subbed off (before a defensive corner kick?!?!?), followed by an immediate Vancouver goal. Same thing against NYCFC, who were scoreless until Monteiro sat. Monteiro is important, tangible or not, to the midfield.

Josh: 19 words is hard! Okay: +1 Montiero - why sub out/in performing Forwards, when there are fresh & strong defenders sitting on the bench?

Matt: Flash forward four days later to a San Jose vs. Portland match. I know El Clasíco is the rivalry, but even if Portland isn’t a rival, they sure like to play the part. I want to see continued adjustments by San Jose…will they make them against the Timbers?

Josh: Insert rant about media blackouts in the age of Pandemic & Streaming. Cowell starts on the wing, involved in all three goals. Love to see the hustle from Yeuill. Jamiro Monteiro - goals, runs, MLS Player of the Week! He plays all 90+ minutes, Quakes get 3 points - coincidence? I think not. Quakes better be training on defending corner kicks. Great to see Judson and Salinas get some time back from reserves!

Matt: Quakes are significantly better with Monteiro on the left, and Cade “Kraken” Cowell awakens? Keep training those set pieces!!!!

Josh: Quick turnaround again to the immediate Sunday’s match against Sporting KC. Did they cool off? Or is this “Age of Covelo” thing holding water?

Matt: Playing a one dimensional game in SJ, SKC took advantage of the latest SJ defensive lapse to score the opening goal. SJ countered with a 46’ goal and ruled the final 45 minutes. Chofis subbed in the 68’ and showed serious goal/assist potential, but despite 5 SOG to SKC’s 2 Quakes couldn’t get the go ahead goal. Tim Melia ate up serious clock in the final minutes, SKC escaped with a road point.

Josh: WOW!. You did that in 3 minutes? Okay: Welcome Ågren! Ebobisse has the yips? Glad subs came earlier, especially with intense schedule. Calvo had the Captain armband!

Matt: Back to the US Open Cup, back to you!

Josh: San Jose got outplayed by a strong Sacramento defense and former Earthquakes. Maybe MLS sees US Open as a side tourney, USL goes with something to prove? Officiating had some opportunities. Did the grass field disrupt as much as it looked? Ongoing challenges in transition. Glad to see Tommy and Shea leading, no-card Judson; great experience game for the younger players. Happy Quakes made it deep in the Cup - hopeful for future runs!

Matt: I think the Quakes at that point were playing the status quo game - avoid major injuries, keep team-building.

Josh: And then you get to bring home these two crazy weeks of May with the other Cali matchup down against the pink & white LA team.

Matt: Marcinkowski with the armband, Calvo away with Costa Rica, and Calvelo started a lineup in dark PrimeBlue to try and match LAFC’s firepower. SJ definitely brought their rival energy and leveled out a 2-0 deficit (deked PK, classic defensive collapse) to 2-2 by the half. Ebobisse with the brace, but should have had 4 by the 31’. Another defensive failure later equals a 3-2 loss to LAFC. Not unexpected against LAFC, but still hurt.

Josh: Better subbing, coulda/shoulda/woulda. I love athletic, clean soccer, but no penalties in the second half - missed shakeups?

And do we have room for a quick Kit Talk? Do you or your experts have any comments on the 2022 Prime Blue ocean-friendly jerseys from this weekend? Or on the Pride warm ups?

Matt: It’s…*rustles envelope*..a tie! Some like the PrimeBlue dark blue jerseys, some like the clean white look. The material wins strong overall scores, and the pink on white definitely strikes a fashionable chord – but if I’m going to get really lost in the weeds, I wish the dark jerseys had a light-colored contrast for name/sponsor and vice versa. But looking at how quickly the Revs PrimeBlues (almost completely) sold out, let’s call it a clear success.

Josh: For me, the pink/white home PrimeBlue were hard to enjoy, but the contrasting away were nice - good call on a third highlight for the text - which is usually what we see. The contrasting away jerseys are not too dissimilar from US Women’s & Men’s away jerseys last year - coincidence? For me, the most tempting were the multi-colored Soccer For All tops - still itching and might be a late-season closeout purchase.

Matt: I like the Soccer For Alls, though I occasionally felt like I was watching a bunch of Tiffany lamps warming up on the pitch. The Americana jerseys are next - we’ll see which of the three earns the top overall Kit Talk Prize.

Josh: Enjoy the international break! I hope Matt Turner does well in his last few appearances for the Revs - he’s a heck of a Keeper. And we’ll see the Quakes next in a couple weeks at the new, beautiful Nashville stadium. Then on the weekly schedule, SJ heads to Salt Lake, and everyone’s favorite El Clasíco, which returns to Stanford Stadium!

Matt: The next few weeks will be telling for the Revs - Buksa is already gone and Matt will be gone by the end of the month - Petrovic has high expectations to meet, but most of the pressure remains on Arena as he tries to replace the lost offensive work of AB and (still) Tajon. At the very least, bring in a friend for Carles Gil to work with!

Josh: There’s another half a season to see teams gel, key players emerge, and hopefully see more trends like the last 10 games for the Quakes. Enjoy the break, Earthquakes - you worked for it! See you in Music City - Vamos SJ!

Rating on the Quake-o-meter Scale for Games 11, 12, 13, & 14 (Richter goes to 9, OURS goes to 10)

Final Score on the Quake-o-meter Richter Scale: 6.625/10

Current % chance of a San Jose/New England MLS Cup Final: 17% trending slightly upward, and a lot can happen in the 2nd half of the season!

Twitter: @QuakesCoasts


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