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2023 FC Dallas Predictions

Image: Toros95


FC Dallas will begin the 2023 MLS season tomorrow! For a full preview of the club, read this post: 2023 Season Preview: FC Dallas ( This post is about my predictions for FC Dallas' season! Let's start with the individual player awards (keep in mind that these predictions are FC Dallas specific):

Image: FC Dallas via Twitter

Defensive Player of the Year-

Nkosi Tarafi. Usually I would predict that Matt Hedges or maybe even Jose Martinez would win this award but since Hedges is now with Toronto, he is no longer eligible (unless he gets traded back to Dallas). Martinez could still win this award but I'm going to predict Nkosi. With Hedges gone, this is his year to break out and take over as Dallas' main defensive threat.

Image: FC Dallas via Twitter

Offensive Player of the Year-

Alan Velasco. Velasco scored 6 goals and notched 7 assists last season. Although Jesus Ferreira was Dallas' highest scorer with 18 goals last year, it's been pointed out by other people (thank you to the guys at 3rd Degree! 3rd Degree - The Independent North Texas Pro Soccer News Source) that the Gold Cup is this year and there is a good chance that Ferreira will be with the USMNT for that time.

Velasco should be more available for Dallas this season than Ferreira and this feels like the beginning of a break out year for him.

Golden Boot-

Alan Velasco. I'm going with Velasco for the Dallas Golden Boot with 12 goals. Read above for why.

Silver Boot-

Alan Velasco. I'm going with Velasco for this award as well. After looking at his goal/assist stats for last year, I'm getting Fabian Castillo vibes (so far just in his importance to the club, hopefully he doesn't just abandon the team during the summer transfer window). He has 9 assists, couple that with his 12 goals and he's Dallas' offensive player of the year.

Breakout Player of the Year-

Alan Velasco. Given my predictions for the last three awards, is it surprising that I'm going with Velasco again? If he has the season I think he can, this is his award.

Image: FC Dallas via Twitter

Newcomer of the Year-

Geovane Jesus. I'm torn between choosing Geovane or Jesus Jimenez for this award. I decided to go with Geovane though as he is the most likely between the two to become a consistent starter for Dallas this season.

Surprise Summer Departure-

Edwin Cerrillo. The surprise summer departure might not even come this year, but if it does, then I'm thinking it'll be homegrown defensive midfielder Cerrillo that leaves. Dallas just showed that it isn't afraid to move players to other MLS teams and they're also not afraid to move homegrown players.

If Dallas can get an upgrade at the defensive midfielder spot, then Cerrillo may decide that he wants to go or Dallas may decide that he's just an extra piece they don't need.

Regular Season Finish-

I'm going to be optimistic and say that Dallas finishes 2nd in the West. A few too many draws keep them from 1st place.

Post-Season Finish-

Unfortunately Dallas loses in heartbreaking fashion in the Conference Finals.

So those are my predictions for the 2023 season!

By Toros95

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