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You Cannot Have It Both Ways....

Twitter and various social media channels are full of 'very concerned' Atlanta Untied supporters. Their concern centers around the changing player pool and transactions that see some fan favorites possibly moving on. While I understand that some players have more "Q value" than others, anyone fan of Atlanta United certainly understands that going forward, performances and results witnessed last year are 100% unacceptable.

The cliché' "doing the same thing over and over again without a result = insanity" applies with Atlanta United's situation. Heading into what is going to be a very aggressive MLS and CCL schedule, the aspect of some of last year's players again starting or getting a lot of playing time does not add up. In today's world, successful teams have close to two full teams at their disposal to deal with fixture congestion, injuries, and national team call ups. Atlanta upgrading their player pool heading into this season was never not a consideration so all of us will have to look to Sosa, Ibarra, Moreno (added last year) and other additions to ensure the Five Stripes stay in the top of the table. The fallout of some players leaving is part and parcel of the business.

There is no way that Gabriel Heinze would head into the 2021 season without his thumb print on the roster - and if he really wants Franco Escobar in his side, Escobar will not be moved on. From the twitter outrage I have read, it seems that Heinze, though he knows Escobar well, does not want or need him heading into the season. So be it.

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