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What to look for - St. Louis SC at Q2

  1. THE KITS! I hate them, on my un-muscular frame. This thing looks like an Austin FC player got caught half way through entering the Spiderverse. Somewhere between a pinstripe kit universe and a fat two stripe kit universe. I don't think it looks good close up, but I think on TV and at McKalla, it will look smooth. We'll find out today.

  2. Zardes! I told my girlfriend last night (who's joining me at the game today) that there was a new player, and a new player that I think she's gonna LOVE. He's gonna look great out there in the verde and black. His Hair, his style, his skill. I'm excited to see how he does. He's the most complete striker we've ever had, even if some people are detractors (Eh, hem, US SOCCER FANS AKA THE WORST FANS ON THE PLANET). What's interesting about Zardes, is that he's kind of the complete opposite of Urruti. He has a huge assist rate without the defensive skill. Will that help or hurt our offense?

  3. AppleTV. I'm going to this game, but I'll be watching this one afterwards to see how it looks live. National broadcasts (especially Fox) of the MLS have been GARBAGE. At times, it would be difficult to track the ball or recognize players. Our local broadcasts were quite clean by comparison, but AppleTV is going to be broadcasting in 1080. Will it look as good as we'd expect from the glossy AppleTV branding (don't get me started on their shows. Garbage wrapped in gold. Hopefully their MLS coverage isn't the same)?


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