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Week 3 Referee Review!!

Updated: May 4, 2021

More DOGSO (or was it??), More VAR, and a pump fake! Lets go!

The Match: FC Dallas vs Portland Timbers

The Referee: Alan Kelly

The Play: In the 77th minute the ball goes out of play right to Timbers Head Coach Gio Savarese, tosses the ball to FC Dallas Defender Ryan Hollingshead. Hollingshead replaces the ball with the ball on the holder next to the Timbers bench and makes a short run up and pump fakes the ball at Savarese then precedes to put the ball in play. Referee Alan Kelly separates a few players and promptly issues a yellow card for unsporting behavior to Hollingshead.

My thoughts: I read a lot on Twitter about attempting to strike and that a red card should have been issued. There really isn’t much in this except to get in the head of Savarese. That being said if that ball came out or even if Gio had a reaction you could justify red, but when he doesn't even flinch... tough to do much more than a yellow. Holingshead was even quoted at the end of the game saying he would have done it again because his team was pumped up afterwards.

The Match: Inter Miami vs Nashville SC

The Referee: Rosendo Mendoza

The Play: In the 69th minute Inter Miami sends the ball centrally over the top to attacker Robbie Robinson, Walker Zimmerman center back for Nashville gets the ball first and heads it back towards goal but Robinson edges the inside of Zimmerman and Zimmerman takes him down just outside the 18 yard box. A yellow card was issued to Zimmerman for the foul.

My thoughts: This is very similar to the play with the New England Revolution in week one. Revs defender Dejuan Jones fouls the attacker as a central defender is getting into a position to make a play. Two things I am looking at here are where the second defender is when the foul is committed, NOT the initial contact. If you go by the initial contact this play would be considered DOGSO however, there was no foul on Zimmerman there. The foul occurs after Robinson gets a touch on the ball and a few yards later Zimmerman begins to pull at his shorts or shirt area taking him down, when this happens Dave Romney, defender for Nashville is close enough to the play to be considered able to be involved, thus negating the DOGSO. Great call by Rosendo Mendoza.

The Match: Colorado Rapids vs Vancover Whitecaps

The Referee: Baldomero Toledo

The Play: In the 80th minute on a corner for Vancoover, a scrum on the far post between Vancover midfielder Caio Alexandre and Colorado midfielder Kellyn Acosta where it appears Acosta form tackles Alexandre. Toledo initially whistles for a penalty kick but Video Assistant Referee Allen Chapman informs Toledo to take a look. Toledo looks and sees that Alexandre grabs the shorts of Acosta and pulls him down with him. The penalty is reversed and play resumes.

My Thoughts: Much like the Pizarro penalty I wrote about a few weeks ago this is another instance of an attacker making it look better than it is. This is a phenomenal job from the Referee and VAR they absolutely got this right! Alexandre positions himself in front of Acosta facing Acosta. Alexandre then grabs the hip area of Acosta and pulls both players down, Acosta’s hands do come up and appear to touch the shoulder of Alexandre but in my opinion this was to break his fall. Good call reversal from Toledo here and no call should have been made for a play on, or a foul on Vancover’s Alexandre.


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