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#VERDE Hasta la Muerte with TwinOaksTV

Hello everyone, my name is Francisco. I am a Software Engineer, content creator, language enthusiast and occasionally also an artist. Most importantly however, I am a fanatic of The Beautiful Game and more specifically a tifoso for Austin FC. My main motivation is to help soccer culture grow in America which drove me to creating TwinOaksTV and joining the MLS Now team.

Like many current Austinites, I was neither born nor raised in Austin. I have lived in several different places domestically and abroad. I moved to Austin at 17 years old and have lived the majority of my adult life there ever since. Austin was the first place where I was truly independent and the first place I felt like calling home. So when MLS2ATX was starting to make whispers, I knew I had found my team.

My hope is that I can contribute to "Growing the Legend" of Austin FC while at the same time doing something that I like to do for fun: creating content and engaging with other fans for I am by no means a professional, just a fan like you.

If you'd like to keep up with my content/opinions or just want to talk, hmu:

Twitter/Instagram: @TwinOaksTV


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