Top 5 FC Dallas Goals vs Houston Dynamo

Updated: May 31

Rivalry week is here! In just five days FC Dallas will face the Houston Dynamo for the first time in 2021 regular season. This is the game that every Dallas fan looks forward to. The desire to against Houston is shared by all DFW sport lovers, it doesn't just end with FC Dallas. Texas Rangers vs the Houston Astros, Dallas Cowboys vs the Houston Texans, the Dallas Mavericks vs the Houston Rockets, no matter the sport, North Texas yearns to be the best in all of Texas.

In addition to bragging rights, the best of two gets to house the coveted El Capitan. Currently it is housed at Toyota Stadium and is fired at the start of the 2nd half. Supporters feel nothing but pride whenever they lay eyes upon it on in Toyota Stadium.

As the countdown to the Texas Derby begins, it is great time to look back and some of the best moments Dallas has had against Houston. Today is a look at goals. Dallas has scored several goals against Houston and certain players are and were more prone to score against Houston than others. Andres Ricaurte is Dallas' latest Dynamo slayer. He is joined by former Dallas players Carlos Ruiz, Kenny Cooper, Michael Barrios, and Fabian Castillo. Franco Jara is also looking to join their ranks as he currently has two goals against the Dynamo.

Here is a look at FC Dallas' Top 5 Goals against the Houston Dynamo (This is opinion based, feel free to share your favorite, after all goals against Houston are the best!)


Franco Jara 10/31/2020

Video: Qualityfirst via YouTube

The video of Jara's goal also came with Fafa Picault's goal. A cross comes to Michael Barrios, who leaps into the air and directs it into the box where Jesus Ferreira and Franco Jara lie in wait. The ball soars across the face of goal, nearly going out by the post when Franco Jara seeing his moment, slides into the ball's path and knocks it into the net! This goal should be listed in the top 5 goals Jara has scored for Dallas.


Kenny Cooper 03/17/2013

Video: Major League Soccer via YouTube

A ball played into the box is nearly saved by the Houston goalkeeper but Kenny Cooper is just a tad quicker. As the keeper rushes to gather the lose ball, Cooper hits it just out of reach of the goalie. Cooper's love for his club is shown with the smile on his face as he celebrates his game winner!


Michael Barrios 08/23/2018

Video: FC Dallas via YouTube

During his five years with FC Dallas, Mikey Barrios scored many great goals for Dallas. He was one of the faces of the franchise and always fought for his club on the pitch. He is tied with Kenny Cooper for most goals scored by an FC Dallas player against Houston. (

This is one of his best against the Dynamo. A defender literally on his tail and the gap between him and the goalkeeper closing rapidly. Houston should have easily beaten Barrios but he coolly nutmegs the keeper for a goal.


Fabian Castillo 05/01/2015

Video: Major League Soccer via YouTube

Fabian Castillo provided Dallas fans with plenty of entertainment during his time at the club. He was quick, he could outrun just about anyone. His dribbling was raw when he first began at the club but over the course of a few years, it became a great asset to his game. His best years came during Oscar Pareja's tenure at the club.

This isn't the best goal of his career but it's an impressive one nevertheless. Free near the box, Castillo sees that his teammate has possession, he speeds up and the ball comes to his path. Facing both a defender and the goalkeeper, Castillo inches closer to the goal and then slots it past both.


Andres Ricaurte 09/13/2020

Video: Area Sports Network via YouTube

In his first start with FC Dallas, Andres Ricaurte looked to cement his place in the starting eleven. The ball is played into the box but two Houston defenders work together to head it out of their box. The ball floats to Ricaurte who is unmarked. A Houston defender sees that Ricaurte will win the ball and rushes to win it back but Ricaurte only needs one touch to make the Dynamo pay. The goal is a favorite among Dallas supporters and one of the bright spots in a wild 2020.

There are many other goals that deserve to be recognized. Tesho Akindele, Zdenek Ondrasek, and Mauro Diaz scored impressive goals against their rival as well. Feel free to share your favorite FC Dallas goals against Houston in the comment section below or tweet at M_Isbell95 or @MLSNowthePodcast.

By Melanie G. Isbell

Twitter: M_Isbell95

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