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This is March (aka. Preseason soccer!)

As the calendar turns over to March, (where we not just here?!) the 2021 season is starting to become clearer. While LAFC still doesn’t know when they are going to play teams for the regular season, we finally know how they are going to play in order to get match fit.

To start off, LAFC will start to gather as a full squad at their training facility at Cal St Los Angeles on March 8. With the number of COVID-19 protocols in place for the season, players have already been quarantining and getting physicals done in order to start on-time.

The club announced yesterday that LAFC is going to play three preseason matches, one being an intrasquad scrimmage and then two matches against the New England Revolution. The games will take place on March 19, April 3, and April 10, respectively. All games will take place at the Banc of California Stadium.

It is highly unlikely that the games will either have fans, media, or streaming available for people outside the organization. Hopefully, the club will announce things on Twitter so we can get an idea of what is happening in the games, but I’m not holding my breath. For the first time in two years though, LAFC will not host an international team during the preseason.

Speaking of fans though, the State of California announced yesterday that spectators are going to be allowed back into stadiums starting on April 1, which coincidingly is the start of the Major League Baseball season. The number of fans that are going to be allowed will depend on the tier level that the stadium lies in. Obviously, the Banc of California Stadium is in Los Angeles County, which is currently in the purple tier. Looking at the data though, it looks like LA County will be down to the red tier by the time the season kicks off in the middle of April. The number of fans allowed will look as follows:

  • Purple Tier: limited to 100 or fewer; no concession or concourse sales

  • Red Tier: 20% capacity (4,400 fans); no concourse sales but primarily in-seat concession sales

  • Orange Tier: 33% capacity (7,260 fans)

  • Yellow Tier: 67% capacity (14,740 fans)

The season is now literally right around the corner! Get excited!

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