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The Third Team

Hey Everyone!

My name is Greg Gomes and I am very excited to bring a different view of the game to the group. I plan on taking controversial calls from each weekend and applying the Laws of the Game to them. Much like MLS has there version of Instant Replay, my videos and writings will articulate the laws in from the perspective of actual referees. I will (hopefully) have some interviews with current PRO referees and a few higher level officials. Now, not all posts will be ripping apart mistakes of referees as I think that is done far too often. I will also be including posts of when the laws and interpretation and implementation of the laws are done right, believe it or not that happens too!

A little about me, I have been around the beautiful game for over 25 years, I have coached at the collegiate level, and officiated at levels of the same competition. I grew up in small town USA, Massachusetts. I have a day job as a Court Officer, and a beautiful wife and son, with a daughter on the way! I have also been a member of the Midnight Riders and Revolution season ticket member for 15 or so years. I am excited to be a part of this team and can not wait to find out what PRO is emphasizing this year and will be in touch soon!

"the rules of soccer are simple if it moves great, if it doesn't kick it until it does"


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