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Supporters Groups Visit The Cave

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Welcome to another exciting Cave Wall Writing! And boy is this one going deep into the caverns. Recently myself and my fellow Soccer Capitol crew got a chance to sit down and chat with a couple of the City Supporters Groups. So far we have chatted with No Nap City Ultras, Saint Louis City Punks, and the infamous St. Louligans with plans to meet with a few more as the season grows closer and begins! Each group is unique and has their own Origin Story and Identity and we wanted to get to know them and share that with all of you.

First on the hot seat was No Nap City. We sat down with the founders Gina and Mark, and in their words this is an SG that is about bring families into the game and the Supporters Section. They began one day in 2020 when their daughter, and fellow member of NNCU, wouldn't go down for her naps and Mark would say "Well looks like she is part of No Nap City Ultras today." As the team grew closer they talked and the idea grew, and No Nap City was Born, along with their quirky mascot Tiki-Taka (who looks like he has missed a few naps himself). The group is pointed towards parents and their children to get together and have a great matchday experience, from prematch gatherings at Union Station with lots of family fun activities, to the march to meet the rest of the SGs for the full March to the Match, to the actual match and beyond.

And they are well on their way to making that dream a reality. At the MLS Next Pro matches for City 2, they met several parents and their kids and helped them all navigate the full matchday, learn the chants, even let the kids get in on the march fun and carry the flag into the stadium. Sometimes it truly takes a village, and this is that village. A village that comes with some other great family friendly benefits too!

If you are a CITY fan and want to learn more and potentially join No Nap City, luckily there is a website for you ( )! Also Twitter ( @nonapcity ). And Instagram ( @nonapcityultras ). And if you would like to hear the whole interview, its episode 78 of Soccer Capitol (The Best Kept Secrets Feat. No Nap City Ultras) and you can find that on most major podcatchers.

Once again thank you to No Nap City for their time and cant wait to see them at matches again real soon! And a big thank you to YOU reader as well! Thanks for reading, By for now!

(Photo credits to Kevin A. Roberts, St. Louis Magazine)

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