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St. Louis CITY SC vs DC United Game Review


An undermanned Black & Red turned an early deficit into a halftime lead and then held on to earn a draw. It was another demonstration of what Head Coach Troy Lesesne is trying to do with United. Despite missing a number of key players, and having a limited bench, United took the game to St. Louis, and had a real opportunity to pick up all three points. If not for an unfortunate penalty conceded by Conor Antley, United might have won all three points, as they kept St. Louis from having many real scoring opportunities.

With the 2-2 draw, United has earned a draw in all three of its away matches under Head Coach Troy Lesesne.

First Half: 

The tone of the match was quite evident right from the kickoff. Both teams pressed the other the moment they lost the ball, and when it was regained, immediately pushed the ball forward into the attack.

Their were a couple of scary moments where United players mishandled the ball, presenting CITY with clear scoring opportunities early in the game. The most egregious example was Alex Bono, who received a back pass from McVey. This simple play became fraught with risk when Bono lost the ball in his feet, and then slipped when he went to clear it. The ball ended up going six feet, and St. Louis had their best chance of scoring, save for the scrambling Center Backs who managed to force the shot wide.

Unfortunately, a couple other miscues gave CITY scoring opportunities, and in the 19th minute St. Louis Defender Josh Yaro scored the first goal of the game on a header off a corner kick from Indiana Vassilev. 

Things looked bleak for a minute, literally. This was because St. Louis’s lead lasted until the 21st minute.

United answered St. Louis’s goal with one of their own when Ted Ku-DiPietro scored his first goal of the season. He played heads up and beat everyone to a high deflected ball from Benteke’s header for an easy tap in.

The play started with the kickoff after the goal. A quick pass to Stroud streaking up the field wide right had him with plenty of open space. He quickly sent a high, driven cross to Benteke's head. The Striker’s header was on target, which forced St. Louis’s goalkeeper, Roman Burki, to push the ball onto the crossbar. The ball deflected high in the air. Only Ted KDP reacted to the rebound that allowed him to dribble the ball into an open goal.

United’s second goal came at the 38th minute, and was a perfectly executed play. Mateusz Klich sprang Stroud on the right flank again. DC's Right Winger had more time to size up his cross after he used a clever first-touch movement towards the goal line. His low cross to a driving Benteke was perfect, and the Striker put the ball home with an easy right-footed effort from close range. This was Benteke’s fourth goal of the season.

The rest of the half was back and forth with neither team able to create any real scoring chances. United though had to be happy with how the first half had gone.

Second Half: 

There were no changes by either side at halftime, and the second half began much as the first half ended. Both teams created chances but neither could convert their chances. Benteke had a breakthrough on goal, but the defender and goalkeeper combined to stifle the chance. A trailing Stroud received a pass from Benteke, but his shot was rushed and went wide.

At the 57th minute Carnell made his first substitution when he brought on Celio Pompeu foo Indiana Vassilev and Anthony Markanich for Nikolas Dyhr. These changes helped CITY get on the front foot. Pompeu in particular was threatening coming in from the left. On one particular drive the ball popped up in the air, and he got to it a split second before Coner Antley. There was some contact, but since Pompeu kept going with the ball into the box, the collision seemed benign. Unfortunately at the next stoppage, a VAR call was made, and a penalty was awarded to St. Louis CITY. João Klauss would step up and score the penalty kick in the 70th minute for his first goal of the season to pull St. Louis level.

The rest of the game saw United under pressure, with a lot of long clearances. St. Louis continued to put on the pressure, but could never break through. Alex Bono ended the game with six saves, none more important than a stoppage time boot save of Nokkvi Thorisson’s shot from close range in the closing minutes.

The game ended with a satisfying draw, 2-2.

Game Stats

View from the couch 

  • I was right about DC United coming out in a 3-5-2

  • Stroud has come to play 

  • Game is more open than I was expecting 

  • Chris Durkin is looking good for St. Louis 

  • Stroud has been a nice surprise this season

  • Alex Bono made a hash of that

  • Almost gave up a goal. Somehow on the pass back the ball got under his feet then he slipped leaving an open goal. 

  • Luckily the defense was able to keep St. Louis from a getting clean shot.

  • Damn!

  • St. Louis scored 

  • DC United is having trouble tonight with set pieces and gave up a goal on a corner kick.

  • Benteke with the shot

  • TED KDP!

  • Easiest goal KDP is ever going to see

  • What a response!

  • Klich really likes to feed Stroud on the outside 

  • Stroud has serious crossing ability


  • St. Louis 1 - DC United 2

  • Klich, Stroud, and Benteke all made perfect passes, runs and finish on that goal. 

  • Great play.

  • Halftime 

  • Both teams are very scrappy in this game. 

  • This Ref is terrible. He’s slow on the whistle. He isn’t calling them fairly. McVey was completely fouled . Might’ve been a red card on the St. Louis player because he put studs into his foot but somehow McVay got called for it.

  • Surprising how chippy this game is

  • Benteke on the break.

  • Stroud shoots, but way off target 

  • Both teams have to be happy with the trade. St. Louis have to be happy with Chris Durkin DC is definitely happy with Stroud and Bartlett.

  • Stroud goes down with injury in the 67th minute. DC United’s bench is so light this would be a problem for them.. 

  • Ugh! VAR

  • Damn

  • Penalty against DC

  • Tied game unfortunately 

  • Klich somehow called for a foul, despite standing straight with his back to the St. Louis player crashing into him.

  • Might be Dajome's best game with United 

  • Bono goes down without contact.

  • 10 minutes of extra time so a long way to go.

  • Oh my God, St. Louis on the break kick save by Bono.

  • Pirani is down now and needing help up.

  • Rodriguez Rodriguez, in for Pirani.

  • Mohanad Jeahze is alive

  • And in for Ted Ku-DiPietr

  • Scary moment with the ball bouncing around in the final seconds of the game 

  • Hopkins with the clearance of a ball that got past a diving Bono

  • Klaus almost in on goal

  • Game ends 2-2

  • Incredible game management from Lasesne 

  • Considering the state of United’s bench I’m fine with a tie

  • Great effort tonight 

Man of the Match: 

Jared Stroud returned to St. Louis with a point to prove, and he did it in spades. His attack from the right flank was on, especially in the first half, and Stroud to Benteke was at the heart of both United goals. 

Player Ratings:

Alex Bono                    6.9

Conner Antley              6.6

Lucas Bartlett               7.4

Christopher McVey      6.8

Cristian Dájome           6.6

Jared Stroud                 7.8

Mateusz Klich             6.8

Jackson Hopkins           6.6

Gabriel Pirani                6.6

Ted Ku-DiPietro            7.7

Christian Benteke          8.5


Jacob Murrell                5.7

Martin Rodriguez          NA

Mohanad Jeahze            NA

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