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SEA VS VAN Recap: 3 more points!

In last night's game against our fiercest rivals, Vancouver Whitecaps, gave us fans a little rollercoaster ride, from missing open opportunities to wasteful calls from the referee, but in reality Seattle are looking great with the ball and how they play it down on the wings of Jordan Morris, but I gotta say my top three players in the game will surprise you, or maybe not if you really paid attention to the game. How did the sounders fair off against their Cascadian rivals? I'll tell you everything about that here but first off I want to give a big shout out to the guys from @MLSnowpodcast on Twitter! Thanks for giving me this opportunity to do cover the Sounders! I'm honored, now let's get down to business.

Top 3 players:

Yeimar Gomez Andrade: Imagine this. You play FIFA 21 playing as the sounders. Compare this guy to the others and what do you get? The best defender of the league right? Wrong. I'll tell you why and its gonna be depressing. Yeimar is one hell of a good defender. What will it cost though? Being a beast comes with its issues. Today's game gave us that, this whole game we had him and the weak pitiful Cavalini and the Whitecap decided to fall easily. Hes arguably the best defender but it does have its costs. "What do you mean Luis?" Well I am glad you asked! A player with a small structure has a weakness, as well as someone built as a "Tank". Yeimar has done great to close down Cavalini and he undesevervedly gotten the yellow for showing us why hes the best defender in the league. 

Joao Paulo: The magical brazilian has showed us why Seattle decided to get his services. Hes been a key factor on how to control the defending half, as well as showing his prowess in front of goal. Hes got the game under his control and knows how to handle things under pressure, especially the partnership between him and Cristian Roldan! There's nobody more perfect CDM duo than them. If anyone else can find some other pair shoot me a shot on twitter @cast.luis21!

Bryan Meredith:  I gotta say, there's no other former sounder I love to watch develop than our own Bryan Meredith. Hes has had himself quite a game no matter what the outscore was!! Hes made saves left and right and like the great USA goalkeeper said, "he has controlled the traffic to the defenders very well!" He has made more saves than Stefan Frei, his defenders just cant defend well! It's not on him but he definitely showed up in uniform ready to take on his old team and that's something cool to see.  Seattle Sounders are still the best in the west, but with the best players we still have certain weaknesses. The recent acquisitions of Roman Torres and Brad Smith will give us a boost, meanwhile it could look like we will be missing couple players until decision day. It was really quite nice to see them play very fluent and in harmony with the guidance of a great soccer coach. I still think we have time to win the supporters shield but the race is getting super close. The cup is really up for grabs in the East as we get into the final stretch of the season, my question is with a game behind, can the Sounders roll on and smash the west or will we see problems after missing couple players. We will see with time, but now the race to Supporters Shield is on.

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