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Rob Burkhardt

Hello, my name is Rob Burkhardt and I’ve signed on to write about FC Cincinnati for MLS Now. Let me start by thanking all those at MLS Now for welcoming me and giving me their amazing platform to Talk about FC Cincy. I’m no journalist, I’m a just your typical passionate, outspoken, fanatic of this Club. I‘ve followed the club since it‘s founding in 2015. I was there when Mich said NO. I was there on that magical March afternoon for the inaugural game when we crushed Portland in front of a packed house. I’ve also sat in a soggy Nippert Stadium and stayed to end of merciless blowouts. I’ve been there through the good and the bad (mostly bad lol).

To tell you a little about myself: I’m 40 (ugh), born and raised in Cincinnati, and am a fan of all Cincy’s professional teams, as well as Ohio State. I’m married and a father to three boys. I‘ve been a Firefighter/Paramedic for almost 20 years. My only soccer background is that I played in my youth through high school. That being said, I won‘t provide much analysis on formations and tactics, but what I will provide is a fan’s perspective on all things FC Cincinnati. So expect overreactions, venting, and the occasional pompus grandstanding, always with a sense of humor. FCC is a fan made club that has a huge, passionate, CRAZY, fanbase. It‘s my honor to represent them For MLS Now. Thank You so much.

Rob Burkhardt


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