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Patching Things Up

March is Women's History Month and Nashville SC are celebrating by offering a limited edition patch. The proceeds from the patches go to Thistle Farms, a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to helping women survivors recover and heal from trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. The patch is made up of hands making the letter N in sign language. It uses NSC's blue and gold as well as the purple of Thistle Farms.

“We are excited to continue our Soccer for All campaign by celebrating Women’s History Month and using this opportunity to highlight those in the local community who are making a difference,” said Nashville SC Senior Director of Community Engagement Brandon Hill. “We feel it is incredibly important to not only commemorate this month but to also shine a light on organizations that uplift women year-round. Thistle Farms plays a key role in helping to create a better, more equitable society and we’re proud to recognize Women’s History Month with this wonderful campaign to support their mission.”

This is the second such patch of the 2021 season as the club put out another in February for Black History Month. It uses the "soundwave N" pattern in gold with the traditional colors of black, green, and red that are associated with Black History Month. The proceeds for that patch benefited 100 Black Men of Middle Tennessee, a non-profit organization providing resources to further the academic and social development of black male students in Middle Tennessee.

"Thistle Farms is incredibly grateful to be chosen as NSC's Women's History Month beneficiary,” said Thistle Farms Director of Development & Community Engagement, Tara Hamilton. “The work of healing and recovery of women survivors ensures not only a better future for individual women but for entire families and communities. At Thistle Farms we light a candle every day to bring the next woman home. Our candle is real but the symbolic candle that has been lit by women throughout time to beckon us all to our fullness and freedom continues to shine the brightest. May this month remind us of women's strength, resilience, compassion, and love."

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