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Open Season: Sounder's unleashes anger on the Loon's

Minnesota United and the Seattle Sounder's gave a class on why you shouldn't doubt on the Seattle freakin' Sounder's. Although the first half showed some work to be done, it was honestly great seeing the boys back out on the field. Sadly our star player Nico Lodeiro and starting winger Jimmy Medranda were out with injuries and Yeimar G. Andrade was also on the bench. We also got to see alot of good performances from our youth coming into the ranks like Josh Antencio and Ethan Dobbelare. We all witness the rightful goal scoring king to score a goal in his debut back with Seattle! This game had alot of excitement, as well as smart individual plays to create alot of chances up front in the box.

I've received the honor to ask some questions to Sounder's Nightly about what he thought of the game and what he expects from now on. In the MLS Cup Finals against Columbus Crew SC, the Sounder's stayed with their 4-2-3-1 formation while using Alex Roldan more of a fullback and the likes of Joevin Jones out of the wing, that game showed us why using new tactics and formations throughout the year is key. Brian Schmetzer came into this one with a 3-5-2 formation while having Josh Atencio start in the middle with Cristian Roldan and Joao Paulo which made people more skeptical about it than we usually would, but it worked! My question for @Soundersnightly was about the new formation they brought out, he replied:

Honestly the 3-5-2 is personally my favorite formation, other than the 4-2-3-1 which we previously played last year. I think that we continue this formation until we fail to find form. Since we are lacking wingers the 3-5-2 is really the only formation that fits us at the moment.

It is true the team lacks wingers but it still didn't stop them from smacking around Minnesota like a rag doll. The fact that we now have Alex Roldan player more as a wingback then a winger shows the Sounder's are willing to bring players from within without having to touch the bank for a new fullback/wingback. Josh Atencio had a great game and seeing him understand the game, helping up front and defending against the opposition. That is also the next topic I went with @Soundersnightly. We talked about how we felt about Josh Atencio and the upcoming youth into the senior team.

Honestly loves Josh’s debut. He stopped one of the best playmakers in MLS from doing anything while also finding open teammates under the pressure that Minnesota put on. Honestly could see him as key player for us in a few years.

Alot of promising players are going through the toughest phase of becoming pro, but the ones who showed why this sport is the fans sport are the fans. We also got to see supporters and fans come back into the games to help cheer on the boys from the stands. It's been a year since fans couldn't come watch their teams play and seeing that really kinda made more natural, I hope later on we can keep seeing more and more fans come in and cheer for their team, @Soundersnightly also stated:

The fans are a key part to our success in our MLS history. Every game you can just feel their support weather you’re at home or on the field. I can’t imagine how much the players appreciate it too.

There really can't be alot of excitement and thrilling moments without the fans and it showed last year. Seeing them back while witnessing a 4-0 massacre is such a great way to start the season. Speaking of massacre, the goals were very entertaining, especially the goal from Joao Paulo. The cross from Alex Roldan to be half cleared out from Minnesota only to have Joao Paulo control the ball and put it in the back of the net was just surreal, @Soundersnightly also stated:

Joao’s goal should 100% be a contender for goal of the season. Considering it’s the first game of the season and he’s already possibly scored one of the best goals we will see this season, i am expecting much more from Joao. I think he could possibly be a contender for MVP if not team of the season.

Nothing but bangers from Seattle, with Raul Ruidiaz missing a penalty just to come back and score two against Minnesota while Fredy Montero had his fair share of the game putting in a goal and an assist in the final third of the game. Raul Ruidiaz will be coming back to try to take the throne from Fredy as the King of Goals in Seattle. Fredy will have his hands full but seeing the duo come in the game scoring nothing but bangers are just the cream of the crop for this team. Also if it wasnt for Will Bruins massive height and strength up front, Raul would've probably scored less. I asked @Soundersnightly on his opinion about Fredy Montero and he replied with:

Fredy is off to a great start this season having his first touch lead to a goal 2 passes later. I see him and Ruidiaz eventually fighting it out for the all-time Sounders goal scorer. I also think Fredy will have a huge part in our success this season and i could honestly see him being a potential Comeback Player of The Year.

The Sounder's will be looking to come back for what's theirs, and that's the MLS Cup and/or Supporters shield and they gave us a glimpse of what's to come in this season. I'm very excited to bring you more content about the team I love and the beautiful game. If anyone else would like to do a quick Q&A, make sure to follow me on twitter @cast_luis21. Shout out to @Soundeesnightly again for a quick Q&A, make sure to follow him for more Sounders content!

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