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Not-So-Daily MLS Now Daily #4

I know myself well. It's been quite awhile since I've done one of these, but I've got MLS fever with the season starting again. Let's go!

Talking Point #1: MLS season kicks off with Inter Miami vs RSL


  • First game of the season is TODAY at 8:00pm EST (kickoff will probably be at 8:09pm EST because... MLS)

  • The game can be viewed on Apple TV

  • This will be Luis Suarez' MLS debut


I'm excited to see how this game goes for both teams. It's a new era for Inter Miami as they step into the spotlight as a club with high ambitions. As for RSL, they are clearly in the middle of building out their squad as they have lost Kreilach and Savarino this offseason, with only Matt Crooks as a replacement.

I can't wait to see how both teams play and what we'll learn from each team. As for a prediction, I've got Miami taking this game. There's no way they'll lose their home opener. Right?

Talking Point #2: US Open Cup drama


  • MLS leadership requested to only play their MLS Next Pro teams in the competition but their request was denied

  • Today, a sourced rumor went around that only 8 MLS teams would play in the competition

  • We are still waiting for the official details to be announced


I'm not a fan of this at all. All this Open Cup stuff has left an extremely sour taste in my mouth when it comes to MLS. It's a clear power and money move from the league. There's no consideration from the league for its role in growing the game in America and if there is, then they don't care. Either way, it's hard to watch.

MLS is going so far to not even include the trophy in their silly little graphics. Leagues Cup, MLS Cup, and Supports Shield are all there. But not the Open Cup. How pathetic is that?

Talking Point #3: Columbus Crew sign Farsi to contract extension


  • 2023 MLS Cup champions reward fullback Mo Farsi to a new contract through the 2027 MLS season with an option for 2028


Farsi really stepped up when it came to last year's playoff run so I think this is a great extension.


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