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Not-So-Daily MLS Now Daily #1

Gavin here! I'm trying something new... again. I want to start a daily MLS blog but since I know myself and know I won't want to actually write one every day, I am titling it the "Not-So-Daily MLS Now Daily" so YOU know I won't be releasing one every day.

Ideally, we'll be looking at 3-5 of these a week but we'll see how that works with my schedule. The article will mainly be my thoughts on MLS topics.

I love setting up templates to make my life easier so each talking point will be templated in the exact same way.

I hope y'all enjoy it. Let's get started!

Talking Point #1: Derrick Etienne Jr. signed by Atlanta United


  • Atlanta United sign free agent Derrick Etienne Jr. on a 3-year deal with 2 additional option years.

  • Derrick Etienne Jr. had a career year in 2022, scoring 9 times and providing 6 assists (we use REAL assists here) in 33 MLS appearances

  • Etienne Jr.'s 2022 salary was $175,000


Derrick Etienne Jr. was one of the hottest commodities on the free agent market. A 15-goal contribution year in 2022 for a poor Columbus Crew side had many clubs looking at the 26-year-old. Atlanta United have pulled off a big acquisition here.

One thing that makes a successful MLS team is having key contributors who do not take up a special slot or a ton of cap space. Etienne Jr. ticks all of those boxes. Another 15-goal contribution season from him will really help to support the likes of Almada and Araujo.

Talking Point #2: Craig Weibel promoted to replace Garth Lagerway for the Seattle Sounders


  • Craig Waibel was announced today as the new general manager and chief soccer officer.

  • Waibel served as Seattle Sounders' Senior Vice President of Soccer Operations & Sporting Director since April 2021.

  • Waibel was RSL GM from 2015-2019.


I know and have heard absolutely nothing about Waibel but RSL were decent between 2015 and 2019, finishing as low as 9th and as high as 3rd. It is going to be interesting to see what behind-the-scenes changes are made over the next few years and how those changes affect the team.

Talking Point #3: Mexico National Team exit 2022 FIFA World Cup on goal difference


  • Mexico finish 3rd in Group C behind Argentina and Poland.

  • This is Mexico's first time missing the knockout stages since 1978


Not necessarily an "MLS topic" per se but the USMNT rivals bowing out early is close enough to get a spot. Whenever a rival is going through a rough moment, it is crucial to take as much joy out of that as possible. I'm doing just that.

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