Match Preview: FCD vs LAFC`

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FC Dallas will go on the road for their first away trip since Memorial Day Weekend. Dallas has lost all three of their away games this season and historically under Luchi Gonzalez, haven't been great on the road. Coming off of a disheartening 1-1 draw at home, Dallas will need to get at least a point if they want to have a chance at the playoffs. Time is running out and the schedule doesn't get any easier.

Formation Prediction-

Image: Melanie G. Isbell via Lineup11

This lineup is pure speculation. On the road, Luchi likes to employ a 3-2-2-3. Bressan was unavailable, presumely to finish his Green Card application, allowing for Nkosi Tafari to get his first Major League Soccer start. If Bressan is back with the team, then he could replace Tafari in the three-man backline. Tafari could also see a small run as one of the starting centerbacks if Luchi liked what he saw from him. Going off of a pure guess, a Ryan Hollingshead, Jose Martinez, and Tafari/Bressan three-man backline seems likely.

The wingbacks is a little harder to speculate. Eddie Munjoma has been Luchi's rightback for most of the season now. He didn't play in the 1-1 draw against Minnesota, his spot was occupied by Hollingshead, while Johnny Nelson played on the left. Hollingshead is not a great rightback, however he's among the best in MLS when he's on the left. Munjoma could return as a right wingback if Hollingshead is one of the centerbacks.

As for the left spot, there were some reports on FC Dallas podcasts (I cannot remember exactly which one, I believe it was 3rd Degree, but it also could have been the Dallas Soccer Show), that Paxton Pomykal had trained some at the wingback spot. Luchi used new winger Szabolcs Schon in that role before, so it's very possible that Pomykal could see minutes there if it means opening up a spot for another attacker.

Image: FC Dallas Twitter

If Dallas switches to a two-man midfield, then Andres Ricaurte will most likely be the oddman out. Bryan Acosta can help the attack and has played in the "6" role before, giving him a defensive edge over Ricaurte. Facundo Quignon was signed with the hope of making the defenders' jobs easier. He's still new to the team and has been very hyped up by the club so far, unless he is horrible, then he's unlikely to be dropped from the starting eleven any time soon.

The attack is still the weakest position on the roster. Luchi doesn't have many options there, so a trio of Ricardo Pepi, Franco Jara, and Jader Obrian is likely. Pepi and Obrian will take the wings, while Jara plays as the striker. Pepi scored in the last game, benching him is unlikely at this point but with Dallas still struggling to score, Jara could be back in the starting lineup. Obrian hasn't been great but he has more experience than Kalil ElMedkhar, the other option for right wing. Given Dallas' poor form and this being an away game, Luchi will probaby want to stick with veterans.

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Score Predication-

3-1, LAFC. Dallas will see a defensive collaspe and will score one, meaningless goal at the end. The game will played tomorrow night at 9:30 pm.