Match Preview: FCD vs Colorado

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FC Dallas will face Michael Barrios and the Colorado Rapids tomorrow night at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. This will be their second meeting this season, the first being a 0-0 draw at Toyota Stadium in Frisco. Since their first meeting this season, FC Dallas has only mustered up a single win, three draws, and two losses. Dallas currently sit at the bottom of the Western Conference table. The Colorado Rapids have improved since that first meeting. They are sitting at fifth in the Western Conference with three wins, one draw, and two losses.

Image: FC Dallas Twitter

Colorado Players to Watch-

Former Dallas player Michael Barrios, seems to be returning to his old form after a disappointing 2020. In 454 minutes, he's scored one goal and has registered two assists. He was unable to get his revenge against Dallas in their first game but since he's returned to good form, he'll likely find a way to sneak in a goal or an assist.

Sam Vines. Vines is an attacking style leftback, much like Bryan Reynolds. He's already begun to make appearances for the United States' National Team. He was in the US's 7-0 victory against Trinidad and Tobago and assisted Dallas' player Jesus Ferreira on one of his goals in that game. He'll most likely be matched up against Dallas' Jader Obrian and Eddie Munjoma. Munjoma will have his work cut out for him if Vines plays up field like he has. Obrian may have to come back on defense to help the young rightback if Vines does join the attack.

Diego Rubio. Rubio currently shares Colorado's golden boot with Cole Bassett with two goals in the season. Rubio will be a dangerous player tomorrow. In addition to his goals, he has one assist and 13 key passes. Dallas will need to find a way to quiet both him and Barrios if they want to keep the Rapids away from goal.

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Dallas Players Who Need to Perform-

Dallas has not played their best football. They haven't shown the beauty that Luchi brought when he first become manager in early 2019. Last week they nearly got their second win, only to have a defensive lapse that saw the match end in an unlucky 2-2 draw.

Despite the two goals, Dallas' offense still didn't perform well. Their first goal came from a Franco Jara penalty kick and the second was the result of Paxton Pomykal and Ryan Hollingshead playing off each other until Pomykall found Hollingshead in the box, who was able to slot one past Real Salt Lake goalkeeper David Ochoa.

Franco Jara. Jara has been very underwhelming this season. He scored his first goal of the year last week but it came from a PK rather than the run of the play, giving supporters little hope that Jara will lead the offense. Hopefully the PK will spark a scoring streak for Jara and he can prove that he's the striker Dallas needs. The offense will depend upon in this game as he's unlikely to get benched anytime soon.

Jader Obrian. Obrian will most likely match up against Sam Vines, with rookie Munjoma playing behind him. Obrian will need to keep Vines in Colorado's defensive half for most of the game. The longer he can keep Vines away from Munjoma, the better off the defense will be. He just needs to pressure Vines all game, even if he doesn't score or assist on a goal, if he can keep Vines out of the attack, then it'll be a successful game for him.

Tanner Tessman. Tessman played as the lone "6" in last week's game. The Rapids' will be a bigger challenge than RSL though. Tessman will need to be a jerk. He has to be the villain in the midfield if he wants to help the Dallas defense. Barrios, Bassett, and Rubio need to be shutdown in the midfield. Any one of them can play a good ball to open up the scoring for the Rapids. The longer Tessman can keep them in the midfield, the better.

FC Dallas' Formation-

Image: Melanie G. Isbell via Lineup11

Not much should change from last week's lineup, other than Bressan in for Matt Hedges. It is not officially announced by the club but the recent episode of 3rd Degree the Podcast mentioned that Hedges was not practicing with team and is rumored to be injured again. (

Bryan Acosta played further up last week but since the Rapids' have better playmakers than RSL, it wouldn't be unlikely to see him drop back and help Tessman.

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Score Prediction-

3-1 Colorado Rapids' win. Dallas isn't a road team and that fact is unlikely to change anytime soon. The Rapids also have several players who can create scoring opportunities. It'll be hard to shut down all of them and Barrios has trained and played with and against most of the Dallas roster. Even if Barrios is unable to get on the scoresheet, if Dallas sends too many players to pressure him, than it'll open up chances for other Colorado players. For those in Texas, the game is set to start 8pm!

By Melanie G. Isbell

Twitter: M_Isbell95

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