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Keeping Tabs: Luke & Colin

Hello, we are Keeping Tabs! We cover the Dynamo through our everyday tweets and weekly podcasts. Sports are what we love and soccer is what keeps us going


I am colin and my love for soccer started at a very young age when my father threw me in the mix and became my coach and mentor. Soccer was his passion and he passed every bit of that love down to me. I currently live in Houston, Texas and when I’m not yelling at my TV watching the Dynamo, I am studying hard in my room for college. I just turned 21 and life is coming at me fast, but one thing remains certain… I’ll always love my Dynamo!


I haven’t always been a soccer fan. I would watch the world cup every four years, but other than that I couldn’t even tell what a “hattrick” was, so you wouldn’t even want to get me started about offsides. I live in Houston and I am currently studying to be a nurse! Starting a sports podcast was always my dream, so when Colin and I realized each other's passions were similar, we knew what we had to do. Almost a whole later, here I am writing my bio for MLS Now… so I guess you could say it's gone well so far.


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