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Adam Jahn Leaves After One Season: Just My Take

With putting Adam Jahn on waivers, we would all assume and hope that Josef Martinez is projected to get back to full fitness after his ACL injury. This, coupled with some additions to the player pool, left Jahn in balance - so Atlanta United put him on waivers now to give him and his agent the necessary runway to find another team. Jahn was brought in as a stop-gap measure when JM went down to injury but with the changes in manager, shape, and style he never really fit into the side. In my opinion, this had nothing to do with Jahn, his fitness or skill set. His match fitness was outstanding, great in the air, and was able to hold up the ball though the lack of service to him was problematic.

All the best to Adam Jahn. No matter the number of minutes he gets with his next team, he will be a nice addition. Let's just hope, late in a game, if he is on the field, he does not come back to haunt Atlanta United.


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