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Gregg's Guys

Earlier today Gregg put out the roster for next week's World Cup Qualifying Games. Most of the USMNT community was unhappy with the roster that was released today. Notable snubs include defenders, Joe Scally and John Brooks. There are lots of angry fans who believe that long time USMNT regular, John Brooks, has been given unfair treatment by everyone in USA Soccer Federation. There was a report that Brooks has been left off the last two rosters due to performance and attitude issues. The majority of the fanbase is hoping that this will be the last camp where he is not included.

Although many fans are disappointed in the roster, they are trying to remain positive as the team has a chance to officially qualify for the World Cup in this window. Some of the extra pieces are different than usual, but the core players remain the same. The midfield will still be bossed by the likes of Mckennie, Musah, and Adams; the back line will most likely feature Dest and the Robinsons; and of course the attack will included the golden child of American Soccer: Christian Pulisic. The need to get excited and back this team until the end.


In order to get excited for next week's big games I have included some awesome USMNT hype videos.

Article Written by Nathan Rodgers

Twitter: kingsofconcpod


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