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For FC Cincinnati, So Much Rests on the Next Two Matches.

For Fc Cincinnati, the next two matches may be the most important since entering MLS. If you are amongst the group of fans that believe that Manager Jaap Stam and even GM Gerard Nijkamp are on the hot seat, these next two matches will either cool things down or desend them to the fiery depths.

So how did we get here? Fc Cincy (1-1-5) After looking well overmatched in the first few matches, even in the draw versus Nashville, the addition of some defensive help and their first win gave fans reason to hope. The club has lost 2 straight after picking up their first win of the season at Montreal. Saturday’s 0-2 loss to Colorado made the club (0-3) at their new home TQL Stadium.

What made the loss even more frustrating, is that they lead in almost every major statistical category. Every one except goals of course. Fc Cincinnati, out shot, out possessed, and forced more saves than Colorado and still lost 2-0. From my view in the stands, even i could see that the stats didn’t tell the story. While FCC did get way more shots than the Rapids (22-7) from my point of view, most of those shots were from distance and thus less dangerous, and while I’d say that the Rapids GK had a good game, he didn’t really have to “stand on his head” to keep FCC scoreless. Some may call that statical dominance “improvement” and a sign of growth. Personally fans, I think we’re past moral victories. It’s win or nothing.

Fc Cincinnati’s struggles have caused many fans to cry for Nijkamp and Stam to be fired. While the club’s front office still publicly stands with the two men, you have to assume that they are not happy with the lack of results. Especially with the amount of investment they’ve made and the fact that both stadium opening matches (both official and unofficial) has resulted in losses. Frustrations must be present.

For these reasons, tonights match and against Chicago and Saturday’s against Toronto may be the most important in the club’s MLS history. Win’s against Chicago and/or Toronto would bring FCC out of last place. Losses angainst these two clubs would leave them alone in the cellar again, and more importantly may force the club to start all over… again.

There’s no doubt that the club NEEDs Nijkamp and Stam to work out. The club has not had any stability since entering MLS and having to fire another manger, let alone their GM would be a disaster.

On our podcast, I spoke with David and Gavin about how hot Stam and Nijkamp’s seats really were. Much to the hosts shock, I said that they may have the whole season, but stated that the summer window would also be a possibility. Well, we’re almost there friends, and here we stand at a crossroads. A win, and we’re out of last place and go to florida against Toronto with a chance to climb even higher. Two loses, and we may lose another season. It’s funny how two games can make or break a season, and potentially much more.

By: Rob Burkhardt

Twitter: @burkhardt_rob

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