FC Dallas Updates Kit Numbers

Image: FC Dallas

FC Dallas has recently updated their website with the new numbers players will be wearing. The club did not post an official announcement of the changes, instead the news was first reported by Jon Arnold, writer at the Striker Texas, yesterday. (https://thestrikertexas.com/2021/03/15/fc_dallas_shirt_numbers_roster_jesus_ferreira_jader_obrian)

There were a few key changes such as Jesus Ferreira switching from the 7 to the 9, Eddie Munjoma (pictured above) will be wearing Reggie Cannon's number 2 shirt and Edwin Cerrillo will now wear the 6 are just a few the switches made by the players. Below is a list of who is wearing which number:

  1. Available

  2. Eddie Munjoma

  3. Jose Antonio Martinez (New signing)

  4. Bressan

  5. Thiago Santos

  6. Edwin Cerrillo (Previously wore the 33)

  7. Jader Obrian (New signing)

  8. Bryan Acosta

  9. Jesus Ferreira (Previously wore the 7 last year and the 27 before that)

  10. Andres Ricaurte

  11. Available

  12. Ryan Hollingshead

  13. Available

  14. Nkosi Burgess (previously wore the 28)

  15. Tanner Tessman

  16. Ricardo Pepi

  17. Freddy Vargas (New loan signing)

  18. Brandon Servania

  19. Paxton Pomykal

  20. Jimmy Maurer

  21. Kalil ElMedkhar

  22. Ema Twumasi

  23. Thomas Roberts

  24. Matt Hedges

  25. Available

  26. Johnny Nelson

  27. Available

  28. Available

  29. Franco Jara

  30. Kyle Zobeck

  31. Dante Sealy

46. Justin Che

99. Phelipe Megiolaro

Numbers in soccer are important, at least to most people. The 1 is reserved for the starting goalkeeper, 2-5 are usually defenders, 6 is the defensive midfielder, 8 is the box-to-box midfielder, 10 is the creative midfielder, the 7 and 11 are the wingers, and the 9 is the starting striker. Those are the general rules when it comes to numbers in this sport. FC Dallas has also had some special players wear numbers outside those eleven and made their numbers special within the organization, namely the 14 and the 19.

The 14 was first worn by club legend Lionel Alvarez.

Image: Dallas Burn/MLS

Lionel Alvarez is credited with teaching the club what is meant to be a professional, both on and off the field. (https://3rddegree.net/top-5-number-14s-in-fc-dallas-history)

Alvarez's influence on the club has led to the number 14 being a coveted one among Dallas players who know the history of it. In addition to Alvarez, it has been worn by Ted Eck, Drew Moore, George John, Atiba Harris, and recently Bryan Reynolds. Burgess switching to it shows that he hopes to carry on the legacy of those players before him and become one of the legends of 14.

The number 19 is another one that is special to the club.

Image: Wikipedia

The number 19 has only had seven players wear it, due to it being retired from 2011 until 2016. The most notable players to have worn it are Bobby Rhine, Zach Loyd, and currently Paxton Pomykal. Bobby Rhine made this number special. He played for the club from 1999 to 2008, when he retired. He remained with the club in an ambassador role and would provide color commentary on air. Unfortunately in 2011, Bobby Rhine passed away unexpectedly. Zach Loyd, who was wearing the 19 at that time, requested to change it during the season to honor Rhine and it was retired until 2016, when an academy kid who was set to be signed by the club asked both the club and Rhine's family if he could wear it to honor him. (https://www.fcdallas.com/post/2016/09/22/new-tradition-homegrown-midfielder-paxton-pomykal-wear-19)

Image: FC Dallas

The release of the new numbers can show where a player hopes to be. Cerrillo switching to the 6 shows that he wants to be a consistent starter in the midfield for Dallas, Ferreira wearing the 9 may be an indicator that he wishes to play as a striker instead of a winger or midfielder. Munjoma will be battling Twumasi for that starting right-back spot and that is most likely why he chose to wear the 2 this season.

The idea of numbers being important is not shared among all players however. It was revealed via Twitter that Jimmy Maurer was offered the number 1 jersey and turned it down. (https://twitter.com/3rdDegreeNet/status/1371820892548894737)

By Melanie G. Isbell

Twitter: M_Isbell95

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