FC Dallas Transfer Rumors (As of 05/13/21)

Updated: May 31

Image: Melanie G. Isbell

Recently FC Dallas has been the subject of two transfer rumors. One is a player possibly leaving the club, while the other is a player possibly coming to the club. The rumors on both broke on Twitter last week. Anytime a player is linked with FC Dallas, supporters must treat it with suspicion. After all, in the past Dallas have been linked with players such as Mustapha Bundu, Javier Pastore, and Franco Cervi just to name a few.




As for rumors of players leaving Dallas, unfortunately those seem more likely to be true, especially if it's an academy kid as the current allegedly departing player is. Bryan Reynolds, Chris Richards, and Reggie Cannon are all examples of this. Now for a quick look at the two most recent transfer talk surrounding FC Dallas:

Image: FC Dallas

Justin Che-

Homegrown centerback Justin Che is said to be pursued by German giant Bayern Munich. Che signed with Dallas last October. Prior to signing with his home club, he played for second division team North Texas Soccer Club, where he played every game for NTSC and recorded a single assist. His play earned him a spot on the USL-One Team of the Year 2020 and an eventual professional contract. (https://www.fcdallas.com/players/justin-che)

Image: FC Dallas

Shortly after the new year began, Che alongside several other homegrowns left for a three week training stint at Bayern Munich. (https://www.fcdallas.com/post/2021/01/04/six-fc-dallas-homegrowns-train-fc-bayern-munich)

Bayern later asked to keep the young defender on loan and Che has since then made five appearances for their second team Bayern Munich II. (https://www.fcdallas.com/post/2021/02/12/fc-dallas-loans-homegrown-justin-che-fc-bayern-munich)

Che's development with Bayern has drawn some comparison to fellow homegrown centerback Chris Richards. Richards did not play a single minute for Dallas after signing for them, instead he went on a short trial with Bayern and impressed enough to eventually earn a full transfer to German after a short loan spell.

FC Dallas has been silent so far on a possible transfer but this rumor seemed very likely to be true. FC Dallas and Bayern Munich have had a partnership over the last three years. Every offseason Dallas sends a few young players (mostly homegrowns) to Germany for a training stint and give them a chance to display their skills to a European club. The partnership has allowed Bayern a closer look than most clubs at the talent coming through the Dallas Academy.

The original loan of Che was a good sign that Bayern liked what the young defender brought to the club or could bring eventually. A full transfer doesn't seem unlikely for Che. Dallas, in recent years, hasn't stood in the way of a player leaving, the two biggest examples of this are the 2018 transfers of starters Kellyn Acosta and Mauro Diaz. Dallas owner Dan Hunt has pride himself on FC Dallas being known as a selling club. The transfer of Chris Richards supposedly got the club $1M, a transfer of Che could see the same result.

Incoming Rumor:

Facundo Quignon-

Facundo Quignon is rumored to be pursued by FC Dallas. Dallas is usually linked with a couple of players every transfer window. So far Quignon is the only player linked with Dallas but as the transfer window approaches that could change. There are two things that point to this particular rumor being true. FC Dallas acquired an extra international spot from Toronto FC a month ago, leading to some speculation among the fanbase that the front office wasn't satisfied with the current roster. (https://www.fcdallas.com/post/2021/04/20/fc-dallas-acquires-international-roster-spot-toronto-fc)

Dallas is also in need of another true defensive midfielder. Veteran Thiago Santos was transferred before the start of the season, leaving homegrown Edwin Cerrillo as the club's lone natural 6. (

Cerrillo has been subbed on in one game so far this season, a dominating win against Portland. Other than that short appearance, Cerrillo has spent a majority of the season on the bench thus far. It's unknown if he isn't performing well in training or if he has a lingering injury (Cerrillo suffered an injury during his training with Bayern)

For the first two games of the season, Luchi used a 3-4-3, which saw the club use two midfielders instead of their usual three. The lack of a defensive midfielder didn't matter too much in that formation, however, Dallas has not played with that formation in recent games. They returned to their usual 4-3-3 and won their first game of the year against Portland. In the 4-3-3 Acosta has filled in at the 6 but originally he was brought in as a box-to-box midfielder and his skill set in stronger in that role.

Dallas is in desperate need of second defensive midfielder. Someone to mentor Cerrillo until he's ready to take up the mantle, someone to challenge him in training, and someone to just boss around the midfield as the first line of defense.

At 28, Quignon should be at the prime of his career. Until the acquisition of Andres Ricaurte last summer, Dallas going after a player in his prime seemed very unlikely. Typically they've gone for either young guys who still need to develop with the hopes of eventually moving him on to another club for a profit or older veterans who are nearing the end of their careers.

There's some doubt about this signing being more than a rumor but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Should Dallas acquire Quignon, this is what FC Dallas should look forward to:

So far Quignon has two goals in his entire career, but as a defensive midfielder that won't matter too much to the club. In the 2021 Copa de la Liga (the Argentine Primera Division) Quignon has suited up for his current club Lanus ten times, nine of which look to be starts. He is listed as having two yellow cards. (https://www.transfermarkt.us/facundo-quignon/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/131218/saison/2020/verein/0/liga/0/wettbewerb/CDLP/pos/0/trainer_id/0)

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much in the way of highlight videos. Most are dated as being made in 2014 and 2015. Transfer market has him listed as being valued at 2.64M (link can be found above) which could put him out of Dallas' price range. Due to price this rumor seemed doubtful.

By Melanie G. Isbell

Twitter: M_Isbell95