FC Dallas Suffer Fifth Loss on the Road

Image: FC Dallas Twitter


Dallas lost 3-1 to the Galaxy in the first of a three game away streak. The issues with the team have been discussed before by many who follow and report on the club. The offense still isn't great but the return of Jesus Ferreira has helped some. The defense is very poor and it seems to get worse with every game. Their positioning was terrible, they couldn't get the ball out of their own box, and there was a lack of team work and communication among the entire backline.

L.A Galaxy's Goals-

The first goal came from a Galaxy corner in the first half. Johnny Nelson was charged with marking Ryan Raveloson. Unfortunately for Nelson, Raveloson is three inches taller, giving him an advantage on a set peiece opporunity. Nelson did well to follow Raveloson as he moved around the box to open up space but was unable to get his head to the ball before Raveloson and couldn't jump high enough to deflect the shot either. The decision on who marked who was questionable. Nelson did everything he could to try and stop the goal but the size difference was too much for him.

In the second goal, the Dallas defense continued their poor performance. The Galaxy took control of the midfield, slowly making their way to Dallas' goal. Nearly every pass by the Galaxy was unchallenged and they were given plenty of time to dribble and read the game. all have time to dribble around the field and read the game. Sebastian Lletget especially was given a ton of time to run down the field. Before he could lose the ball, he found an open Kevin Cabral and quickly passed it to him. Cabral was then able to easily slot it past Jimmy Maurer, extending the Galaxy's lead.

The third goal... There is't much to say about the third goal. It wasn't Ryan Hollingshead's best moment. The decision to head the ball back to Maurer wasn't great. The exacuation of the play was even worse. There was another defender to his left that was open, he had time to just knock the ball out for a throw-in, or he could have simply passed it to Maurer instead of heading it. After falling during his attempted header, Ethan Zubak continued to follow the ball and was able to beat Maurer in a one-on-one situation.

Dallas' Goal-

The one highlight of the game for Dallas was Franco Jara's goal. Ferreira has really turned the offense around. In five games he has three asissts. So far Pepi has benefited the most, with two of his goals being assisted by his fellow homegrown. Despite Pepi not scoring, Ferreira still managed to help the offense score, this time with Jara.

Ferreira played a long ball down the field to Jara, who was quickly chased down by three defenders. The closest defender attempted to intercept the ball but was unable to reach it and his jump slowed him just enough for Jara to gain the lead. His commitment to the play was impressive. Fans have voiced their disappointment in Jara for awhile now. His lack of speed in games and commitment to the team has been called into question. This goal above showed improvement in Jara's play. If he can perform like that more often, then Dallas might have a dangerous offense.


Dallas' season isn't improving. Their next two games being on the road and their current record in away games doesn't give fans a lot of confidence that they'll see the club win anytime soon. Dallas will try again for a road win on July 17th against the Portland Timbers at Providence Park.

By Melanie G. Isbell