FC Dallas Fall to San Jose

Image: FC Dallas

FC Dallas took to the road in it's second game of the season. They were able to score their first goal of the season thanks to Ricardo Pepi knocking in a rebound. The main takeaway from this game: Luchi's newly preferred 3-4-3 is not something this club is built to do. The offense is very disconnected. Obrian was unable to score or get an assist on any of his runs into the box. During one of his runs, he grabbed the attention of the San Jose's goalkeeper and crossed it across the face of an open goal, but no one had positioned themselves for the easy tap in. The attack is still new to the club , Jara is only in his first full season with Dallas, and Obrian and Vargas are playing in MLS for the first time ever. Hopefully they can build the chemistry to connect with each other, until then though, Dallas needs a man in the 10 role to bring them together, someone like Paxton Pomykal or Andres Ricaurte. Both of those players have shown time and again that they will carry the attack if needed and lead them to more goal scoring opportunities.

Another issue for Dallas this game was the defense. Despite a good showing against Colorado in the home opener, the Dallas defense had several issues today, all of them being from poor decisions. Dallas gave away two penalties, the first of which Jimmy Maurer was able to save.

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The second PK, however, resulted in San Jose's first goal of the match. The first half ended with the Eathquakes leading with a single goal. After halftime, San Jose was able to score twice and after the third goal, Jimmy Maurer was forced to leave due to injury. Phelipe Megiolaro stepped in for the rest of the match, his first appearance in the 2021 season.

Eddie Munjoma made his debut for the club, replacing Johnny Nelson at the 74th minute. Coming in at 0-3 game in the waning minutes, there wasn't much for Eddie to do, other than get a taste of MLS.

Paxton Pomykal, Andres Ricaurte, and Ricardo Pepi were also subbed in during the second half. Ricardo Pepi quickly made his presence known to San Jose by scoring a consolation goal within five minutes of being on the field.

Video: FC Dallas via Twitter

Aside from the Pepi goal, there wasn't anything positive in this game for Dallas. Hopefully this was just a one time performance this season.

By Melanie G. Isbell

Twitter: M_Isbell95