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FC Cincy Snipe Striker

Updated: Mar 2, 2021


In my last post I questioned whether Gerard Nijkamp and FC Cincinnati should shoot for easier targets. I said that their aim, while ambitious, had always missed the target. Well folks... I’m an idiot. What the heck do I know?! FC Cincy thankfully knew better, continued to aim high, and their aim has improved.

Fc Cincinnati is about to announce the near record signing of Brenner Souza da Silva. He‘s a star Brazilian player, so he’s just called Brenner. We all know that if you can sign a one named player from Brazil... you do it! Brenner is a 21 year old Striker from Sao Paulo FC. Brenner was in the crosshairs of some of Europe’s Mega clubs including Arsenal and Ajax prior to the European transfer window closing. The fact that Nijkamp was able to swoop in and grab the phenom away from these clubs is nothing short of remarkable.

Brenner has scored 11 goals and has 3 assists in 27 games for Sao Paulo this season. That means that the young striker adds to the scoresheet almost every other game, and If his highlights have taught us anything it‘s that he makes the most of his chances. He seems to put himself in the right place and the right time to slot the ball home. He has all the cliche mesurables, he’s fast, good with the ball on his feet, creates his own chances and he makes close range finishing look easy. Just what the Dr ordered for FCC. FC Cincy fans know, it hasn’t been easy for our club since entering MLS. Check off another measure of a quality signing. The São Paulo fans are FURIOUS!! The thought of their young international star not only going to MLS but doing the the former last place team is too much for them, as they’ve lit twitter ablaze with their anger. Music to the ears of we ”Garys”.

Such a signing comes at a cost however, according to, Cincy will pay a 13 mil transfer fee with an additional 2 mil coming based on performance incentives. 15 mil puts Brennan amongst the highest transfer fees in MLS history. The current record holder is Pity Martinez with 15.95 mil. More on Pity later! What makes the signing even better for Cincinnati is that Brenner qualifies as a Young DP signing, which means he only charges the club 200k toward the salary. That’s significant! If allows more funds to be used to fill the clubs other gapping holes In the lineup. And then there’s the often over looked aspect of the agreement. Sao Paulo FC retains 20% percent interest in the player and more importantly, the two clubs have formed a Partnership. Such an agreement is a first for MLS and Brazil’s top league. This means that we may see more transactions between the two clubs, including loans. This is not a first for Nijkamp. He negotiated a similar deal with Hoffenheim of the German Bundesliga. Needless to say, aligning yourself with these clubs is just good business. All these details point towards a fantastic signing for FC Cincy.

While we FCC fans were taking our victory lap on social media, the fanbase’s most renowned podcast blew the roof off of the party. The podcast stated that according to their sources Cincinnati had reached an agreement with Al-Nassr of Saudi Arabia and attacking midfielder Pity Martinez!!!! Yes, THAT Pity Martinez. The record MLS transfer fee holder himself. Cincy soccer talk don’t post BS. Their word carries weight in the fanbase. Add to their bombshell announcement the confirmation from such respected figures as Travis Grimes of You Ain’t Lion podcast and Top FC Cincinnati journalist Laurel Pfahler has FC Cincy fans believing. Now, Pity himself did douse water on the rumors a bit when he posted that he was happy where he was and that an agreement has not been reached. Pity is right, his signing can’t happen unless Cincinnati acquires the top allocation spot currently owned by Austin FC. But these people don’t post rumors that they can’t confirm. There’s no doubt something brewing between the two clubs.

So, it would seem that Gerard Nijkamp and FC Cincinnati have gone to sniper school. They have one confirmed Hit and another landmark DP signing in their sights. FC Cincy fans, who were arguing over when to PANIC just last week, are now on cloud nine. Pity Martinez rumors aside, the signing of Brenner shows that the club isn’t messing around anymore. They’re trying to open their world class stadium in style, and doing so, have reignited the fire in their passionate fanbase. The club still has some holes to fill. Center back is a still a NEED, and there’s been whispers of another winger being courted. If they can fill those positions with quality signings... Watch out!! It has taken some time, but Nijkamp is Zeroing in on real talent. If he can keep the hits coming, the Eastern conference may have to duck and cover.

By: Rob Burkhardt

Twitter: @Burkhardt_rob

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