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Farewell 2022 Quakes Season - We Won't Miss You

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

QOBC Vol. 2 No. 18 October 11, 2022

Photo: @sjearthquakes on Instagram

Josh: I know it’s a quick turnaround, but that’s all they wrote for 2022 for the on-field San Jose Earthquakes. Let’s check out the match against the CONCACAF Champs and then go decorate for Halloween.

Matt: Massachusetts was hopping with autumnal tournament soccer, leaving everyone exhausted and vaguely smelling of Dunkin’ Donuts, pumpkin, and apple cider. With coaching pearls like “don’t stand there and watch the game!” and “play until the whistle!” and “don’t jump!” echoing in my ears, I watched the Boys in Blue take on the Rave Greeners. I didn’t see that much jumping, but I did see a little too much standing.

Josh: San Jose fans might’ve been yelling “Let the kids play!”, and we did see another start for Niko and I’d give him an assist stat for setting up the action that led to Jeremy Ebobisse’s 17th goal of the season. And of course, a great cross-box shot from yep-he’s-still-18 Cade Cowell.

Matt: I second your motion on Tsakiris. This kid can control the ball and move it around players who by right should be able to shut him down. Keep him in The Bay! San Jose knows it’s a team that can succeed through effort and persistence, and this game was no exception. Seattle’s GK executed a textbook clear to the side, but the angle changed off Nouhou’s left hand and Ebobisse was there to see it into the net. Cade “Kraken” Cowell was also on display with a heads up shot inside the far post in the 75’. In the 90’ he almost got it in on a reversal past the goalie, but took one or two many steps. He wants that one back, and I think in 2023 he’ll bury that.

Josh: Late in the game, Rodrigues got caught up in the turf with hopefully a minor injury, so Tanner Beason got a few more minutes in the season. And what was a missed opportunity for the Earthquakes’ Marketing Team - this draw means that in 2022, San Jose returns the Heritage Cup to PayPal Park. A trophy! They won something!

Matt: I love that the Quakes took the Heritage Cup back to San Jose. While Seattle is rightfully proud of its CCL trophy, I’m sure the loss of both the playoffs and the Heritage Cup in the Emerald City stings. Sadly, San Jose can put its Western Wooden Spoon in there for safekeeping. At least SJ’s goal differential on the season (-17) is SO MUCH better than DC United’s (-35). So there’s that.

Josh: In a season of feelings and swinging doors, the team heads to the beach, trick-or-treating with their families, and probably some contract negotiations phone calls. If players’ social media is to be believed, it looks like we’ll be missing the King of Drawn Fouls Eric Remedi in the 2023 Campaign.

Matt: I appreciated what he did for the club. The Quakes needed someone to come in in 2021 and make the opponent feel it when they got into the upper midfield, and he did that well. We’ll see a few more farewells in the next couple of weeks from people who came in and did their best for the Boys in Blue, and clarity will soon follow as to where the FO sees the balance of the youth movement, the need to bring in a strong piece in the midfield, and movement of valuable pieces to other clubs to boost the payroll’s potential.

Josh: Another group that is figuring out what happens during and after the off-season is the announcing & commentating groups. I found myself getting surprisingly emotional hearing the broadcasters thank their teams and support crews with their future uncertain. I know you know I’m excited about the AppleTV+ move. I like the company. I like the lack of blackouts. I think it’s a good thing for fans of MLS. Watching what they’ve done with Friday Night Baseball looks pretty good! I believe that the producers will make sure the viewers get a fresh and diverse set of talent. I think they’ll need the manpower and there’s also room for some history and including the best of this year’s broadcasters, if their otherwise-TV contracts allow it.

Matt: I have to put in my vote for Brad Feldman and Charlie Davies to continue to work the booth for the Revs here. Brad has been in the booth for 18 seasons, and Charlie, former star on the Revs, stepped in 2021 after Paul Mariner had to take time away and has done great work. I’m not exaggerating when I say that during each Revs broadcast I learn at least one new thing about MLS rules (from Feldman) or the fine line between what players can’t do but need to do on the pitch (from Davies). This pair is one to keep!

Josh: Joe Cannon is Earthquakes Royalty and the broadcast team already added fresh great faces like Danielle Slaton, so I agree that at least some of the booths should have familiar voices. So will you send me a photo of your Q or Slyde costume?

Matt: I think I could do a decent Wondo hair flick, but I don’t have the jersey yet…yet. While the offseason is a needed time for players and fans alike to recover and regroup for the next campaign, I can’t wait for 2023. I’m hoping that the new coaching staff will 1. Take the pieces the FO has acquired this year and assemble them into a solid wall, and 2. Solve the problem of how to get the ball from the defensive end to the offensive end in many different and creative ways. There is a good-sized core of players that has SO MUCH POTENTIAL and is surely eager to put it together in 2023. Let’s make it happen, Quakes!

Josh: Thank you to both of our readers for another season of Quakes on Both Coasts commentary! And to our friends at MLS Now Podcast for hosting the page and inviting us into the conversation. Until we have any news in November - this time for yourselves as fans: Vamos SJ!

Quake-o-meter for Game 34 (Richter goes to 9, OURS goes to 10)

Final Score on the Quake-o-meter Richter Scale: 6.5/10

Current % chance of a San Jose/New England MLS Cup Final: in 2023? Anything is possible!

Twitter: @QuakesCoasts


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