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Concern in the Carolinas

(Photo credit: Charlotte FC)

Charlotte FC suffered a humiliating 3-1 defeat to Real Salt Lake last weekend. Charlotte went into halftime up 1-0. RSL came out in the 2nd half and scored 3 goals in 6 minutes. Until last week RSL had only scored 3 goals all season.

There has been very little to no progession so far with this team. The lineups and performances for the most part have been very underwhelming. It's true we are missing a couple players due to injury but that is no excuse for the performances we've gotten from the team.

A lot of fans are upset with the season so far and rightfully so. We as fans have to pay a pretty penny for tickets, merchandise, etc. We are paying our hard earned money for what? Poor team performances and poor excuses blaming the results on a couple players being out due to injury? We have not even won a single home match so far this year.

Every week we see the lineups come out and you have multiple players playing out of positions. You have some of the same players who make costly mistakes every week continue to get starts. It doesn't even look like the players know the roles they're supposed to be playing half of the time. Copetti gets next to nothing service wise.

A lot of the problems come from poor player management. Now we are told to just trust the process and wait for a couple players to come back. That is not what we want to hear and it's not what we should be hearing. Those are poor excuses to try to hold fans at bay.

I absolutely hope I'm wrong about "trusting the process" and this team does turn things around. I'm sure most fans would be happy to be wrong. It's hard to be optimistic with the current state of this team though. I just hope in the very near future I'm writing an article about how I was wrong and things have started to work out.

Justin Lee

Twitter: @_Pancake_Papi


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